Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On the rocks

It doesn't look good for the fishing vessel Kimberly, hard aground in Jute Bay on the west side of Shelikof Strait. The 58-foot steel vessel was forced aground in a storm on Jan. 24. A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter safely rescued all four aboard, but the boat has sustained heavy damage including holes in the hull. The plan now is to delay salvage operations until May when weather improves, the state Department of Environmental Conservation says. The boat's owner is listed in state records as Aloys Kopun of Chignik. Photo by Jack McFarland, Alaska Marine Surveyors Inc.


Anonymous said...

Thats to bad, looks like a nice boat.

Anonymous said...

she had just had major work done to her too. im a chignik fisherman, and this boat has been around chignik for years. Aloys is a great captain, foul weather is something that will take even the best boats and fishermen. thankfull that everyone made it home safe, boats can be replaced.

Unknown said...

Wow i cant believe this. I worked for aloys kopun few times. Wonderful capitan and full of stories from the old days.