Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bodal on the slime line?

Bernt Bodal, chief executive of American Seafoods, will be featured Friday night on the CBS series "Undercover Boss."

Here's a preview.

Seattle-based American operates the largest fleet of Bering Sea pollock factory trawlers.

"Undercover Boss" puts top executives to work deep within their own companies.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm sure he will feel right at home! Just say'in! Slime Ball.
Can't wait to see him get slime'd.

Anonymous said...

When's Chuck's turn?

Anonymous said...

"Hey dude, wanna buy some good weed?"

Anonymous said...

Great show. Seems like a great boss. Just finished watching the show.

Anonymous said...

Better, Cotter who who's preferred filet is mignon, is faced with the slime line in Atka. The horrors of the nearest respite, The Grand, 350 miles east. Can you spell charter flight, on the Co?

Anonymous said...

Could ya smell the BOSS cookin?

I need a fattie.