Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fuglvog explains, and his friends come out

Several interesting documents have been filed in court ahead of Arne Fuglvog's sentencing next week.

Here is a statement from Fuglvog himself explaining the pressures he was under when he committed a federal fishery violation.

And here are letters from friends asking the judge to take Fuglvog's character and public service into consideration at sentencing.

Tommy Thompson letter

Bob Thorstenson letter

Joe Plesha letter

Stephanie Madsen letter

Jay Sterne letter

Celes Eckerman Hughes letter


Anonymous said...

Arne never had one second of concern
for his crews safety or well being. They were told on many occasions
if they had personal issues the needed
were their problem, because he had his
own schedule.

In one instance he made his crew travel
3 days from Seward to Petersburg with a skeleton crew of 3,for no reason.
He flew home to put a photo album together and prepare his KISS
band member costume for a school graduation.
The graduation was not until the day after the crew arrived in Petersburg.

Arne endangered his crews lives on many occasions, hauling gear in over 20 foot seas for his personal reasons and gain.
I'll be polite and leave it at that
But Arne Fuglvog has never had any concern for his crew.

Anonymous said...

We know it's a list of who not to trust.

Crooked politician fisherman -holes.

You gotta love Alaskan politics...

Anonymous said...

His letter/statement might garner some sympathy if he was writng an explanation of why he was caught cheating on a high school math exam. This is a FELONY, A SERIOUS FEDERAL CRIME.
The statement explains nothing other he was under the same pressures as many of his peers; financial, family, other responsibilities.He chose to break the law. suck it up, shut up, do your time. But he won't, he'll get help from the same cronies that poison our system and before you know it, it he'll be back at it. The Trident in house attny, are you kidding me. They must want his halibut.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Holland knows the waft of BS, he dealt with EXXON for years!!!

It is nice to have friends and business associates vouch for you, but, really, some of those may not help. And bobbyt, I almost thought a Hallmark movie was about to break out, complete with Confirmation flashbacks. If I was Arne, I would have liked to been permitted to edit these before they were submitted.

It's too bad that he stretched himself so thin.

It's too bad that he chose to violate the law.

It's too bad that he got caught.

It's too bad that he has to pay for his crimes.

If he doesn't, why do we have the laws?

Sounds like a bunch of lame excuses.

Anonymous said...

Reading his statement makes me sick. It reinforces the negative opinion formed by the only contact I've had with the poor baby. He was basically blowing a CEO of a CDQ group in a bar just after he had been appointed to the council, the CEO himself was a (former) member. Creeped me out. Cry me a river. Disgusting self-serving clap-trap. Why, oh why, is this arena so full of narcissists and prima donna's?

Anonymous said...

BobbyT, you say this is a "minor flaw" and that "he never intended to cheat the system" and that arnie "never intended to benefit the from the action" and that he "never benefitted one single dollar".
You sir have your head so far up your ass you actually believe what you wrote. Step back, shake the cobwebs out and re-read your letter.
This is not a minor flaw, he willing and knowingly cheated the system and the benefits arnie gained are numerous.

Anonymous said...

Just a bunch letters from corrupt and toxic lobbyists saying and doing anything to get their go to policy man back in business screwing the fishery resource and the fishing families of Alaska. Madsen, Trident, Thortenson, all infamous for corruption. What a worthless crew of deceitful characters to get references from. Unfortunate that this incident will only flush out a minuscule amount of the regulatory rot in Alaska ocean policy. Do your time, pay your fine, and tattle on your friends.

Anonymous said...

These letters should have started
"Once upon a time in a land far away"

3 lobbyists and tridents political
officer. Not your typical support group for an honest fisheries Aide.

Anonymous said...


"We were confirmed together at the Lutheran Church..."

“How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.”
Adolf Hitler

Peter said to them, “I am going fishing.” They said to him, “We will go with you.” They went out and got into the boat, but that night they caught nothing...

Petersburg Packing, Please Pass the Cocktail Sauce where rot, stink, and religion have been rewritten too, from the Church at Petersburg Packing.

Anonymous said...

Bobby T's letter is unbelieveable!

Bobby never benefited?

What a bunch of -hit!
The entire list is a bunch of crooks, defending the worst of the worst!


Anonymous said...

I got a job at ICICLE, my hero bobbyt...go Madsen!

"After being married for a few years, in 1978, Tom and I moved to Kodiak. He worked flying, mostly spotting for herring or salmon, and I got a job substitute teaching. Then in 1980 he got a job offer flying in Dutch Harbor. In Dutch, I started working for Icicle Seafoods as an expediter; it was the final years of the king crab days. When king crab bottomed out in ’82 and ’83, Icicle pulled out of Dutch. Well, we really loved the community so we stayed..."

Anonymous said...

GO Madsen!

Anonymous said...

Did he really harvest a million bucks worth of longline fish illegally as stated on radio?
The other unforseen outcome will be the call for VMS for the fleet.Its just the kind of fuel NMFS needs to screw the fleet.

Anonymous said...

Most of us have VMS, it only screws the cheaters.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Thompson's letter is great!
All these church goers screwing everyone over.

Arne has done nothing for the fleet, he is a guilty cheater!
Get him out of Alaska, and don't trust his friends.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness we have the benefit of the self righteous comments from the high and mighty innocent crowd.

Anonymous said...

bobbyt's letter is so buttkissing and immature, I am shocked. Now I begin to understand why people dislike him so much. Sure glad I have never had a reason to meet him. That these sob's are influencing Alaskan fisheries is a tragedy. GAM!

Anonymous said...

Aye, thar be trolls about. Pretty much sums up the comment section on Wesley's blog.

Anonymous said...

As a person who sat on the other side of the allocation fence and clashed with Arne over public policy while he was on the Council,it is tempting to confuse debate on public policy with personal accountability.

Arne did wrong and now is being held personally responsible for his misdeeds. Everyone can learn a lesson in hubris as it relates to his story.

However, I always respected him for his work ethic and preparedness on issues, even when we were on opposite sides of the public policy debate.

Tough to recover a sense of integrity in the public process, especially from self-inflicated wounds.

But we do live in America, the land of forgiveness and reinvention of self, as opposed to the land of the samuri sword and Hara-Kiri.

In a couple of years, you will probably hear him as a guest on Tom Anderson's radio show in Anchorage...

Anonymous said...

no wonder the romans fed the christians to the lions,they had common sense!forgive and forget and the privatetization of our fishires resource go on. chatham straits black cod 73. southeast seine200?? it's all about me and my and to hell with everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Fuglvog's high power lawyer pled
his charges down to 1 misdemeanor
which is 1/10 th of his original
charges.Now the Government is cutting
that sentence in half. That means
he's only serving 1/20 th of what
his sentence should be.
Is the information he has that valuable?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it is about bringing lil Ben down. Never met a guy that oozed "crooked" so blatantly.

Darryl Pope said...

maybe it time put our name on what we write, then we will know who is on the good guy side and who's on the bad guy Side

Anonymous said...

We'll put you down on the "bad" guy side Darryl, seein' as how you're related to the Pope.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

whut if i dont no how to spel my name? I went two UooPS.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry Bob, just put
Jag-off we'll know who it is.

Anonymous said...

Arne's letter is one excuse after another with no humility to just excep blame for committing felonious acts over a 6 year period. If I were the judge I would throw the book at him for 10 years (in Jail) and $1 million dollar fine. Any tattling he does will be worthless as he's part of the corrupt fisheries bastards club: Ted and Ben Stevens, Frank & Lisa Murkowski, Don Young, Arne Thomson, Jim Balsiger, Steve Minor, Chris Oliver, Steph Madsen, Joe Plesha, Bobby the Dip8hit Thorstenson, Dave Benton, McKY Campbell, Cora Campbell, Dave Bedford, Trevor McCabe, Brad Gilman, Joe Sullivan, and the list goes on and on. All listd above should be in jail for conspiracy! Oh & Bobbyt you are a confirmed idiot in my book after the letter you wrote confirming that Arne really didn't do anything wrong, he was just trying to help everyone. Horse8hit!

staufen said...

Sad, if they were really friends to Arne and wanted the best for him, they'd have written better letters and shown a more pious nature and asked for forgiveness. Arne's own letter shows he is still not ready to accept the full guilt for all of his commissions. The judge has likely read thousands of such letters in his career, and this set may get deemed as the most pathetic set ever. They did not help Arne at all, by placing these Exhibits in the federal records. Amazing attorney Plesha fails in his letter as well. Arne, we feel for ya... but you asked them to bring it on. You have to live with it, forever. Note also: a work value is not a work ETHIC, which implies morality and quiting a job before committing a crime. Oh yes, it was worth it, as the feds now exposed so many co-racketeer influencers and their game, even if they can't press charges. Thank you OLE-NOAA for the job well done investigating. Thank you whistleblowers for your courage (or whatever it was).

Groundswell Fisheries Movement

Anonymous said...

Bobby with this kind of logic for Arne's defense, do you really think we should vote for the the se seine buyback? Think about it, if you can excuse this away as he was "just helping others" or "he was putting others before himself" what kinda road are you trying to lead the seine fleet down? I have to question your judgement here.

Anonymous said...

A Rhodes Scolar, A Annapolis Scholar, and Confirmation by Pastor Jordan, with a 3.8 GPA?

Mirror Mirror on the wall..who the biggest thief of all?

Robert Magnus Thorstenson?

Even King Magus of Norway, (1039A.D) would have had some fun with this group, Petersburg would have been burnt to the ground years ago.

"Some as has been said, they slew, some they placed in slavery to themselves; others they sold, for they were in the grip of blind greed, but they kept a few loaded with bonds to be subject to greater mockery."

Anonymous said...

Arne's letter, stating that there was too much pressure serving on the Council and fishing, is a great disservice to the fishermen who serve on the Council and still manage to fish. If it was too much pressure, then you should have QUIT THE COUNCIL.

Arne, by his membership on the Council that worked to create the rules governing his fishing, knew what the rules were and he chose to break them, no mercy from me.

As for his academic achievement and intellectual abilities that bobby t seems to focus upon, well then, it appears to be the case that he was smart enough to know the rules and thought he could game the system. If a few crew members had not turned him in, he would have got away with it -- not too smart and not a good argument from bobby t (who probably thinks he is smart enough to game the system - see the buyback).

To receive letters of support from a lobbyist, who will do anything and say anything for the right price (see Jack Abramoff, recently released from federal prison), that is damned by faint praise indeed.

Anonymous said...

You'd think that with a 3.8 GPA the guy could lie better, or not need to lie. Obviously that grading curve was quite adjustable. Rhodes is just an invite (requiring you show up with a trainload of money), Annapolis is your campaign contributioned buddy appointing your kid, I won't touch the last one.

"What a wicked web we (you) weave."

Guilty by association. Leg irons for all.

Anonymous said...

Leg Irons, and overboard, a Viking Tradition forever.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Daryl and the Taufen for id'ing themselves.
In some ways your best thread wes. For their are folk on here who stuck with the topic. Don't get me wrong- a pound over and the law is broken. But for the uninitiated and undereducated, this did not result in one extra pound of commercial harvest. Granted, within the ifq fleet I'd be pissed if someone 'poached' on my side of the line. Arne deserves and knows he deserves a penalty. But enough is enough. Isn't he the first guy to do jail time on such a pensly? Name another.

One of my dearest cousins broke the law over a decade ago and some family members are just getting past the anger they feel/felt toward him. We Vikings do take these fishing violations seriously. Heck I had an unlicensed crewguy -- a4day sub who was at the grocery store when the crew got their licenses together. See I pay for their licenses and health insurance. And I had a 2010 violation for Participating in the purse seine fishery with a sea sport.

As for the rest of you anonymous whiners, if you are a girl my favorite movie gone with the wind- final line is my one comment to you.

If you are a guy then it's Reservoir Dogs-- " you can bark all day little doggies. But can you bite?". I keep hearing all this corruption talk yet aside from speeding tickets in my sea sport I have yet to see all this talk translate into action.
You are like little boys crying wolf

No wonder we never believe your anonymous rants. That's why I originally really thought this Arne thing was another hoax. Geesh it came from John enge Jr- longtime Vic smith buddy- and I don't need to go into detail save for Vic smith is my grandmothers godson and I'm not sure if she caned him or was just plain mean to him but he obviously chose to crusade against her 3rd favorite grandson.
And to such avail. This is the first minute of time and first thousand doar fine that a fishguy -- including ben and Ted- have received since these hate and innuendo BS started.

So bark all day. My hearings gone from the years of sleeping with that Jimmy in the focsile.


Methinks thou dost protest too much, and too often.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a McDonald that went to jail for 2 years and had a 250,000 dollar fine for basically the same thing? Oh yeah, he wasn't even on a council! Money and influence talk.

Anonymous said...

He didn't go to jail but he did
forfeit all of the IFQ's involved
in the violation.

Anonymous said...

bobby t - after all of your profane rants that personally attack others, calling them names and making threats, it is a wonder you still have lobbying clients.

Anonymous said...

Bobby T @ Your general opinion is that, leave the cheaters alone, and let them lead us.
You and Arne wrestled right?...

Anonymous said...

The pressure breathing down Arne's
neck in 2005,the year he doubled his
Yakatat quota was that he had to be in
Petersburg no later than MAY 16TH.
He was hosting Sen Lisa Murkowski.
for the Little Norway Festival.
He had a large party to prepare
and a guest house to clean.
Pretty easy to document, it made
the front page of the Petersburg
News Paper.

Anonymous said...

Petersburg Pilot

Petersburg Packing's Finest.

And the Pink Pack Record too...

Anonymous said...

Kudoes Pope.

AIFMA Leader, or Looser depending on the meaning of the term Leader

Anonymous said...

I don't really believe that is bobbyt. NOBODY could be and talk like such a stupid ass and sign their name. No matter how stupid, right? RIGHT?

Anonymous said...

yo,bobt,got a $20 sack

Anonymous said...

Celes Eckerman Hughes letter came the closest to moral outrage, and was the best.

It's dawning on her a liar is a liar.Be it fish or fishy relationships.

Anonymous said...

BOB T....You only fuel the fire with your posts. It is clear to most that the seine BUYBACK is a insider job. Permits were bought prior to the buyback with the sole purpose of being sold in a buyback. I know that you know this, you have shown over years of service that the bottom dollar is your number 1 CONCERN. If the buyback goes through this will only over capitalize a fishery that the long term outlook is in question. The harsh reality is that ocean temps have cooled to the north and pink salmon ocean survival rates will decline. The 2011 Southeast Pink Salmon return though good was not a epic run, The run could have been much larger under NORMAL ocean conditions. The idea of taxing future participants and running up permit values for the next generation seams backwards and that very concept only benefits the rich.

Anonymous said...

All of these letters try to excuse
his actions 6 years ago.
What about not telling his employer
Sen Murkowski about the charges and
plea agreement. Don't they consider
that as being deceitful and a lie.
That was only months ago.
Did he just find his conscience this
I thought it was the pressures of fishing,crews, the NPFMC,and boats.
Maybe he will prove to all he is a
changed man and prove he told Sen Murkowski the truth in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Deep Sea Fishin...

Joe Plesha???

Anonymous said...

2011 not epic, askbobbyt-not BOBT, you canadian, and troy and john and their crews just how epic this was but the reality of your idiodic remarks is that you think there will be less fish in the future. And there should be more permits to fish them?SoOBVIOUSALY YOOU have thought ABOUT th teBUYBACK for a longtime.
Duh. You think there's less fish coming and youwant more permits to catcht hem?Wtfdude

Anonymous said...

Joe Plesha, with letters like this who needs enemies?

The smell test, when your refer system breaks down, and your having a little trouble with the new and improved Anti-Trust Division, at the U.S. DOJ?

How many dollars did it cost Chuck, to buy the North Pacific?

One Pig Farmer from Tennessee, buys a Senator from Indiana, and they call themselves

"King of the Fish Sticks."

Go Joe Go!

Anonymous said...

wtf dude, at 3:47?

So it's ok to issue hundreds of new permits across Alaska, but of course not in SE?


Even DFO in Canada, ain't as stupid as a so called Alaskan.

Anonymous said...

This is only about Arne Fuglvos's criminal activities, not his childhood, or SE buyback. I'm sure that many criminals were nice young people at one time. GREED and POWER drove Arne Fuglvog to exploit his IFQ's, his family, and crew for personnel gain.
If you believe for one minute that Arne Fuglvog's criminal acts had anything to do with personnel pressure, then you don't know Arne. GREED and POWER fueled Arne Fuglvog from the day he was appointed to the council. Then he started his extra marital affairs. Tom,Bob,Joe,Stephanie,Jay,Celes?
You don't know Arne Fuglvog, until he has his hands on your wallet. You have not seen Arne and Cindy Fuglvog at work, plotting to take your money. GREED and POWER. He achieved both, but Arne cheated, and replaced a crew member for GREED, and for that the whistle blew. Arne is a confessed lair, and a cheat. STOP DEFENDING the confessed criminal.
Appointed by Frank Murkowski(criminal), aide to Lisa Murkowski(liar), backed by UFA(fishery exploitation group), for NMFS(OLE-idiots) director, and previous director of "Petersburg vessel owners association"(the GREED Association). It is all very very dirty. Everyone should find out the fishing facts, before defending the criminal. Falsifying NMFS documents, just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Let your gear do the talking. Shut'em down.

Anonymous said...

National Fisherman
"Highliner of the Year?"

United Fisherman of Alaska
"Man of the Year?"

"Convict of Year"

Support your local Con Man, the Fantasy Land Special, brought to you by;
Tommy Thompson
Bob Thorstensten
Joe Plesha
Stephanie Madsen
Jay Sterne
Celes Hughes

" have the heart of a coward, and the spirit of a sycophant."
Thomas Paine

Anonymous said...

First: I gotta say that if Bob T's letter needed a font to channel its relative level of maturity, it would be 24-point Crayola.

Second: Wesley- you're getting lazy with your blogging. I guess it doesn't pay enough (at all?), but it seems like you most of your posts are aimed at generating a shitload of hits and comments from a small handful the nutbags (and the sad rebuttals). There is a world beyond CDQ and BobT and other press releases.

Anonymous said...

When Bobby T is making excuses for you, you know you've been a baaaaad boy.

Couldn't you get somebody with a little cred Arne?

Anonymous said...

Excuses are like assholes, everybody has one and they all stink! F--k you Arni!!...crybaby!