Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fuglvog's prison time could be cut in half

Federal prosecutors are now recommending only five months in prison for Arne Fuglvog, rather than the 10 months called for in a plea agreement.

The recommendation is in this sentencing memorandum filed yesterday in federal court in Anchorage.

Some incredible reading here, let me tell you, including details on why Fuglvog broke the law and his cooperation with investigators.

Sentencing is scheduled for 8 a.m. Tuesday for Fuglvog, a former fisheries aide to U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Fuglvog in August pled guilty to a commercial fishing violation prior to joining the senator's staff.


Anonymous said...

Well it's official,IT IS going
to be about fisheries crimes.

Arne I hope you deserve that reduction
and gut everyone of the Corrupt Bastards.

Anonymous said...

arne should be looking for a new apartment in argentina.

stay away from airplanes,darl alleys....etc.

Anonymous said...

Arne should receive a much harsher sentence. Like 5 years in jail and a million dollar fine, what he did was not just criminal it was reprehensible. He stole from all of the other fishermen because he wasn't good enough to catch his fish in the designated area.

He was a NPFMC member and it doesn't surprise me that he was corrupt as most of them are and have been since the 1990's.

I doubt he gave much up information to the Feds on other illegal acts within the fishing industry. He should be telling the truth of how Bering Sea Pollock & Crab Ratz were pushed through by Ted Stevens illegally with the help of former NPFMC chairman Dave Benton and et al. I'm sure there are many skeletons in his closet that he wouldn't speak a word about otherwise many factions in the fishing industry that control the council seats (including NOAA GC and James Balsiger) would be put in jail for false testimony & racketeering.

And if you delete this Wesley you are part of the conspiracy. Don't worry we'll just have others repost it!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:12 makes a good point. What we really need the judge to hear from Fuglvog is about how the NPFMC operated - especially why it allowed Crab Capts and Crew to continually get ripped off, for up to a half billion bucks so far. And how his office at Murkowski operated. But that's outside the Lacey Act violation, so he will keep a zipper mouth, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

The Kamilar got a $6,000 ticket
for taking to much Halibut 10 years
ago. Don't they count that as a fishing
violation ?

Anonymous said...

The best part is that Arne was againist the Vessel monitoring system, which would show where each boat is fishing.
His abuse of power would make him a complete scumbag.
I take that back, even scumbags have a use.

Anonymous said...

trip2. 379 lbs
trip3- 1236 lbs
trip4- 962 lbs

Anonymous said...

Bingo was his nameo

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... but he and lil' boobyt were angels growing up together, dincha read that on bobbys letter to the court, found in the next article above?

Anonymous said...

"Fishermen of the Year" at UFA?

I Vote SCAB!

Finally, as part of the plea agreement...
Fuglvog has taken the limelight, as National Fishermen's Scab of the Year, another record breaking UFA Achievement. like Man of the Year, Prisoner of the Year, and Fisherman of the Year...

Go intended that I VOTE SCAB, the UFA Motto, for decades!

Anonymous said...

^^^What the hell does "I vote SCAB" supposed to mean?^^^

Anonymous said...

Great question. Is that a Kodiak thing or what?

Anonymous said...

It's a UFA thing. I Vote Fish.

Scabs AFU spelled backwards UFA!

Fisherman of the Year, or did you not read the prosecutors document?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No its actually a UFA Prayer Book Motto.

Anonymous said...

Of course after flunking Sesame Street...UFA spelled Backwards

Alaska Fishermen's Union
(907) 561-4988
721 Sesame St Ste 1C
Anchorage, AK 99503

Anonymous said...


I Vote Scab!

President, Arni Thomson
(206) 769-3474

Vice President, Bruce Wallace
(907) 254-0593

Secretary/ Treasurer, Rich Davis
(907) 789-2696

Exec. Commttee - Committee Chairs Admin -

Duncan Fields
(907) 486-8835

Fish Farm & Env - Chip Treinen
(907) 345-2414

Enhancement – Gary Fandrei
(907) 283-5761

Marketing – Bruce Schactler
(907) 738-6451

Membership – TBD

National – Stephanie Madsen
(907) 523-0970

Statewide – TBD

Subsistence – Julianne Curry

At-large EC - Bob Thorstenson, Jr.
(907) 723-8267

Anonymous said... still didn't say what it means, but who cares. Oh wait, the profound AFU=UFA spelled backwards is it? OK, got it.

Clamp that tin foil hat back on, and keep the stupid, inane posts coming! If I wonder if you have any idea how big a joke you come across as?

Anonymous said...

Keep it on tight, the Joker's on you!

Joke; UFA!

Anonymous said...

Fuglvog has been the U.S. National Fisherman Highliner of the Year and United Fishermen of Alaska’s Fisherman of the Year.

IUU Fishing, with free Tin Hat included, no extra charge, including tin polish, from the finest at UFA.

Define Joke?
Arnie & Arni, and Mark Vinsel too, send money now, the at large seat is looking for some tin hat polish too!

Anonymous said...

Ya know blobby, we can tell it's still you when YOU post anon, 'cause the stench of idiocy and false directions shines through only as you can do so well. Give it up. Come clean, start living right, after all, what were you confirming in that Lutheran church?