Monday, February 20, 2012

Metlakatla plans big cold storage project

The Metlakatla Indian Community is inviting bids for a big freezer expansion project for its Annette Island Packing Co.

According to an ad published in Friday's Anchorage Daily News, the project involves design of a storage room big enough to hold 1 million pounds of seafood.

The town of Metlakatla is on Annette Island, south of Ketchikan. It anchors the only Indian reservation in Alaska.

The local salmon fishery, tribally managed, won Marine Stewardship Council certification in June 2011.


Anonymous said...

This continue to surprise me. We have way too much capacity in SE. One million lbs storage seems to be a waste of money, especially when you have 3-4 plants within 150 miles that can produce ONE millions lbs of product in a single day.
Someone is going to be left holding the Metlakatla bag.

Anonymous said...

Who's bag money?

Commerce, Community and Economic Development Grants to Named Recipients (AS 37.05.316)

Grant Recipient: Metlakatla Indian Community
Federal Tax ID: 92-0014579

Anonymous said...

@7:50 pm

What is the big deal with the grant? Silver Bay Seafoods got lots of grant money to get its operations going in Craig & Sitka, all courtesy of both Murkowskis and Ted Stevens.