Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weak forecast for Taku kings

The run forecast for large Taku River king salmon is too low to allow a fishery in early May, the Department of Fish and Game says.


Anonymous said...

And the beat goes on. We have just over harvested this run like so many others. The Commercial division of the ADF&G will go done in history as the cause of the decline of these great fish. Got to please the commercial sector at any price is their mission. So now all we have left is the Nushagak, which i am confident will soon go the way of the other former great chinook rivers. Mark my words. There will be a directed Chinook fishery on the Nush this year. This is an incredible example of mismanagement where no one is held accountable. It is a resource tragedy beyond anything seen in our lifetime. Soon the commercial sector will rid us of this pesky fish.

Anonymous said...

Marine rearing conditions ro Chinook salmon are well below average w/recent marine survival estimates at 0.25% from smolt to adult-- well below the long term average of 2%. May be the the one who authored the above should do a tad bit more analys before blaming ADF&G Comm. Fish Div. Directed Chinook fisheries are limited and where they occur management is predicated on escapement goals -- which means that if an escapement schedule is not being met then there will be no fishing. Last I cked the Com. Fish Div. was not god and is unable to alter marine rearing conditions. It is rather easy to throw stones if you happen to be a neophyte.

Anonymous said...

Commentor #1, the fact that they cancelled the fishery is actually proof that ADF&G is doing their job.

The Taku fishery is jointly managed by a treaty between the US and Canada as the river runs into Canada and that is where the spawning grounds are.