Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What the heck?

The board of the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority is meeting Thursday, and has this curious item on the agenda.


Anonymous said...

Pt Capital is run by former AIDEA/AEA board member Hugh Short.

He used to head Alaska Growth Capital, an ASRC subsidiary but abruptly left.

Anonymous said...

Deckboss continues his slide into journalistic irrelevance. A headline that provides no information about the subject of the post, and a post that merely points to another website without saying why his readers should even care. Lazy.

Anonymous said...

Hugh Short's name is all over the Cook Inlet natural gas stuff at AIDEA. The one Shavelson wrote about this week.

Buccanneer and financial piracy.

So, while, the 2 commentator here lacks understanding and context, I though this was one of Deckboss's most relevant posts to Alaska fish policy.

I hope the fine folks at Commerce can see what's going on here and find the courage to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

The point is not that this story is irrelevant, but that Deckboss is irrelevant because he does not do the bare minimum of explaining to his readers why this is something to include in a blog that is supposed to be about "Alaska commercial fishing news and notes." Look to the Alaska Journal of Commerce for a more relevant reporting -

Anonymous said...

Three interesting names pop up:

1- Larry Cotter
2- Myron Naneng
3- Rich Monroe


Anonymous said...

I go to their (very poor) website and don't see Cotter's or Naneng's name anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the taxpayers will be holding the bag again after the these guys get to loan other peoples money to somebody that cannot get a loan from anybody that knows better.

Is the processing plant on raspberry road still being used as a church?

Anonymous said...

To all you that attack Loy for not being what you want him to be, I say, start your own blog!