Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Alaska to receive $21 million in disaster aid

Alaska will receive nearly $21 million of the $75 million Congress recently appropriated for fishery disaster relief nationally.

Here's the official announcement.

Federal officials in 2012 declared a disaster in Alaska due to poor Chinook salmon returns to the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers, as well as Cook Inlet.


Anonymous said...

It's funny we haven't heard from Parnell rejecting it on the grounds of federal overreach.

Anonymous said...

Laugh when the State caused the disaster in Cook Inlet in 2012 and asked the Feds to pay for ADFG mistakes.

ADFG 2012 managers said 14,500 as the "poor" Kenai late-run inseason and primarily closed commercial set gillnet fishery during the season - month afterwards Parnell wrote up and sent the disaster declaration. Commissioner Campbell's Sport Fish Division chief fishery "scientists" came out with the final return in 2012 over 28, 700 fish a few months after Parnell sent disaster to Feds - spawning escapement actually was at the upper end of the escapement goal after correcting the sonar passage rates post season.

Campbell's Commercial Fisheries Division danced the two step with Sport Fish Division over sockeye vs. king management.

The real disaster was caused by ADFG but Parnell used the Federal Disaster relief funds under "management of fisheries"...

Parnell two stepped the Feds.

Parnell's choice on the Board of Fish - Karl Johnstone Chair was so proud of the action taken on the Sport Fishery (Kenai late-run king salmon) - After The set gillnetters lost half their fishing time under Kluberton's RC two step KRSA proposal to screw ESSN time and area on sockeye over kings ...Final Paired cost to sport fishers... use a barbless hook when the fishery goes to catch and release. Thanks Governor - your Board of Fish choices danced the allocation Two-Step. Paired conservation cost to the eastside millions and cost sporties ten cents to buy a barbless hook.

Parnell and Campbell two-step Cook Inlet fish management.
Kluberton and Johnstone two-stepped Cook Inlet sockeye fisheries.

Board of Fish two-stepped Cook Inlet.

ADFG sat on the sidelines during deliberations - with glazed looks and couldn't care less responses.

One Area manager (Commercial) summed it all up by answering to a Board member's question on how it would affect commercial sockeye management ----"Ahhhhhh"

Board members apparently considered it an OK answer since it didn't ask anything more from ADFG so Ahhhhhhnother anti-commercial fishery proposal passed.

Anonymous said...

So if the fishing is bad, it's a Federal Disaster and tax payers foot the bill AND pay more for fish? Win-Win for the canaries!