Thursday, February 20, 2014

Grab your dredge!

Due to legislative inaction in Juneau, limited entry for the state's weathervane scallop fishery expired at the end of 2013.

The fishery now reverts to open access.

Vessels looking to target scallops inside state waters of the Yakutat, Prince William Sound, Kodiak or Dutch Harbor areas must register with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game by April 1.

More details in this press release.

Deckboss wonders what will happen if numerous vessels sign up. The scallop stock is small, and the department will need to control fishing effort.


Anonymous said...

This is a great way to eliminate any hope of a future Dungeness crab fishery.
Great job ADF@G!

Anonymous said...

can somebody confirm the rumor that cfec commissioners bought shares in the Mr. Big as it now steams over the horizon with 47 other boats to kodiak??

Anonymous said...

Austerman joins Seaton in amazing stupidity blasting kodiak skippers and several scallopers, probably all, homeport in kodiak

These permits were only worth around 100k
The fishery is worth about a good Se or PWS salmon season with full observer covg expensive equip and starts July 1 so bye bye salmon
Then split it up 15 ways with crew owners skippers
It's just not a 15 boat fishery nor do we want 15 dredges out there in tanner grounds
This is typical kodiak homer bullshit

If you can't fuck it then shoot it

Anonymous said...

Kudos to those who stood with the scsllopers when seaton and austerman were drawing and quartering them
Maybe if those guys ever fished they'd get it ... Whst seaton the anti ifq crusader anti everything crusader austerman
This vessel based system -- notice central Bering sea CDq group lost a scallop permit
Wtf the guys were asleep
Where's robin Samuelson
This was the only way a CDq group- or any group of Eskimos or native Alaskans ever buys a big boat anymore

New 58 footers cost 3 million
In the future- the very very near future- many boats -- small boats-- will be owned by multiple partners - scorps or llcs.
And there'll be a 2-3-4-5-6-7 way goatrope to figure out who gets the permit
And the hundreds upon hundreds of cheaters and abusers who have suspect transfers medical or otherwise
It's a comically morally corrupt limited entry system that allows. Massive transfer abuse but disallows the very system western Alaskans need - the same system used in Washington California and Washington
This Special privilege of permit holder person on board all the time seem hollow when a kid can't get a hand up because our system keeps the guy on board until he's 85 years old -- leaving no room for youth to set in
Our permit system creates longer employment and older fishermen
How special is that system when your wife had a baby July 16
Or when you couldn't attend your own dads funeral in August
Pretty Fucking special

Anonymous said...

How does bob Penney keep killing cook inlet salmon with impunity
He puts out a scallop dredge in front of seatons door so he plays with it while the sporties rustle bob penneys fish right by the front door

Anonymous said...

poor Jimbo now has to share.

lets put it to a vote.

under 80 foot rule and alaskans only for state waters.