Saturday, October 22, 2011

AFN convention spawns controversial resolutions

Delegates to the Alaska Federation of Natives convention today passed two resolutions of interest to the commercial fishing industry.

One calls for reserving seats on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council for Native or trial representatives.

The other resolution calls for establishing a 50-mile no-trawl zone around Alaska's coastline.

Deckboss is reporting, as best he can, details gleaned from television coverage of the Anchorage convention. Unfortunately, I don't have the written resolutions.

Anger over trawl bycatch of salmon would appear to be the main driver behind these resolutions.

The council, we should note, currently has a Native member in chairman Eric Olson.


Anonymous said...

I love the no-trawl zone out to 50 miles. Many could rally around this after they view new trawl bycatch photos posted on

As far as native seat on council, well Eric Olsen is sitting chair who Alaskan Native. What more do ya want?

Anonymous said...

50 mile no trawl zone is good. 100 or 200 mile no trawl zone would be better.

trawlers are the locusts of the seas. the scurge or the oceans.

Voices ask ... said...

Are they saying that promoting racism is the solution? It was a room packed with CDQ-paid anti-salmon preserving "Pollock Provides" advocates, nearly all were natives, that helped ensure higher caps were allowed for hijacking salmon. How about you folks pass a resolution to ban anyone practicing such financial witchcraft from within your own "tribes"? Or would that gut the usurped boards of most CDQs?


slamnsalmn said...

Is something wrong with voicing their concerns? The point I find distressing is that the inriver users both subsistence and commercial have been undercounting their catch for years,not important because it is their right. Eventually this comes back to haunt all. Sustainable management starts on the spawning grounds, when you have established a control on that you question the user, then you look for awnsers elsewhere. I have no love for the trawl fleet, I dislike interception but all anadromous fish stocks are subject to being harvest before they make their way to their natal stream. The department likes to hide under the banner of ocean survival because it is so large a topic tent they can easily hide under it. The department is so busy catering to the big dollar fisheries that bring influence to the State that they really do not want to handle the volatile issue of conservation and enforcement. Since Federal subsistence laws have been in place have the salmon runs increased, stayed the same or decreased. Since 50% of the King run is destined for Canada, do you really think they manage the resource and enforce good sustaiability practises? No, they don't. The State is weak kneed when it deals with this treaty action not unlike how they deal with the treaty in SE. They do trade one fpr the other. Point here, knocking the trawl fleet down is not going to solve the awnsers, take care of your own house first before you reach out to whack the other guy. The other guy could eventually be you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's make sure we have a Hispanic, Asian, African-American,woman, etc. on there too. I mean we're looking for diversity, right? Doesn't matter if they know anything about the resource. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

give seats to pacific northwest natives.

they are the downtrodden, casino owning, poor fishfolk whom alaska has been steamrolling.

oh yeah. And while you are at it, send the trawlers to southeast

since southeast has been a no-trawl zone, our halibut quota has been cut 80%

central gulf, where there is trawling has remained relatively stable.

so send the trawlers to southeast to rebuild the halibut stocks

while we're at it, let's include Tulalip and Lummi in the council native allocations to that the pacific northwest native americans can come to alaska, own southeast cdq's, trawl there and then get halibut quota.

we'll trade some of our casino revenue for your fish.

it's a much more stable business environment

Anonymous said...

The leadership of AFN need to challenge their copy-cats in the CDQ program - they are heavily invested in the Pollock Fishery and are big part of the problem.

For those of you who don't know the CDQ program, it was modeled after the Native Corporations twenty years ago. It became another dole out money a little bit at a time corporate mess except the millions are PUBLIC MONIES regardless of race! Monies from a Public Resource (Pollock) destroying another Public Resource (Salmon).

The irony of it all sums it up with this new acronym for AFN - "All for Nothing" coming from Bush Alaska.

Anonymous said...

...."usurped boards of most CDQs.", I like that Voices!

Blotched elections in the Norton Sound region. It takes on the appearance of those in control keeping control for as long as they can.

Anonymous said...

For those who bother to look and learn the CDQ program is based on residencey and not ethnic. That said there has been much manipulating to try and keep it in the hands of a few. Most villages, tribes and city gov't do not realize the CDQ works for THEM, not the other way around!! Start there and DEMAND more input on pollcok harvest methods, etc.
A good portion of me is in favor of the 50 mile zone, with management changes to the fisheries that use it to promote better harvest methods, then SLOWLY open and study impact.
If you want more Native representation, get new fishery Natives involved and make suggestions when seats open. Just having a rep will change nothing. More input and attention to the process will. I agree the last by-catch meeting was filled with CDQ paid Natives. Many did not like being in the 'middle', then don't be. When threathen, like one person testified, with CDQ back lash, write letters, name names, and testifiy you were. That is the only way this BS will start to be reduced. The silence is agreement and it is deafening!

Anonymous said...

The native Eric Olson member of the North Pacific Management Council works for a CDQ program. Isn't that a conflict of interest.

There are already enough Alaskans on that council. A house cleaning needs to be done, buddies in bed with each other need to be kicked out before we see fairness for all coming out of that regulatory group.

Anonymous said...

Oh please! A 50 mile trawl zone and more council seats.

A lack of any understanding as illustrated by these ideas marginalizes those promoting them. AFN must be more capable than this?

Trawling is the most efficient way to catch seafood. Food that feeds millions of people. Alaska's trawl fisheries are considered the best managed and sustainable fisheries...on earth, by people who have taken the time to learn about them. People who actually know about fishing wouldn't be associated with such an idiotic resolution, which could only be supported by ignorance or hate for industry.

Reserving seats for a special interest group or adding seats on the council? Get in line. Every interest group in existence would be feeding at that trough, it's better to have knowledgeable people that have a 30 year track record of sustainable management. At the point in time when (or if) the law is changed to include more seats on the NPFMC there will be Alaskans, Washingtonians, Oregonians, environmentalists, industry, and so on. Who gets a seat will depend on who has the most political clout at the time. The result will be to take the most successful fishery management system (at this point), and turn it into an intermural level group grope and whine fest.

Anonymous said...

"..... Alaska's trawl fisheries are considered the best managed and sustainable fisheries...on earth....". If that is so, then why has the population of the pollock has been in decline since the late 80's?????? "Alaska's trawl fisheries..." is killing off the salmon as Bycatch and you call it the "best managed....." Yes, BEST MANAGED by the fishery itself.

Anonymous said...

Eric Olsen is proof that having a Native on the council doesn't automatically mean that Native issues; whatever that might mean to the AFN delegates, will be better represented. Olsen represents the trawl industry contrary to the interests of other Native people who depend on salmon.

Forty years of Indian casinos, ANCSA and the CDQ program should have taught us that self-interested greed is race neutral when millions of dollars are at stake.

AFN blather is becoming increasing racist as the years go by which will work to the detriment of our people in the long run.

What we need on the council are people who effectively represent the interests of Alaskans regardless of race. The ones we have now represent the industry and moneyed interests and that is what needs to change.

Choosing people based on the racial characteristics of some of their ancestors is un-American and wrong. It is not the way to achieve the goals the AFN corporatocracy thinks it will.

Anonymous said...

".....special interest group.....", is as old as AFN - 40 years too long for keeping the 'racist torch' burning because they are angry people hanging on to the abuse and neglect they got as children. These are not leaders for the modern world because of it's exclusive overtones.

Anonymous said...

Between ANCSA(40 years old) and the CDQ program(20 years old in 2012), that's 60 years too long of narrow minded people managing monies intended for the poor. We can probably count with our two hands and two feet how many so called Native Leaders and their carpetbagger support staff that have enriched themselves through these two programs.

Read "Disrobing The Aboriginal Industry: The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation" by Frances Widdowson and Albert Howard. Same game, different time period.

Anonymous said...

What you say about the CDQ program is right on the money. The CDQs are run by boards of directors who are mostly natives but have sold out to the pollock trawl industry.

That parade of clones with the "Pollock Provides" tee-shirts and baseball caps at the April 2009 council meeting in Anchorage where they flushed the king salmon stocks down the toilet was the most revolting demonstration of selling out I have ever witnessed.

Trevor McCabe did his work well and the Judases who mindlessly shambled up to the testimony table to do his bidding for 40 pieces of silver should be ashamed of themselves and condemned by their fellow natives.

The trawlers hated the CDQ program when it first came along, some of them like Bernt Bodal have learned to love it and converted it to their own advantage. The industry is dumping their worn out assets on the CDQs at replacement cost and the simpletons on the CDQ boards of directors are happy enough just to get a per diem check in exchange for collaborating with the enemy.

Putting natives on the council won't do anything except provide more votes for the trawlers who will buy them off immediately at bargain basement prices. We have been down this path before, we know where it leads.

Anonymous said...

"..... bargain basement prices." is a good way to describe the Board of Directors "per diem check in exchange for collaborating with the enemy." Keep them down and keep them dumb has been used for thousands of years and it's stinky because it reeks of manipulation of the ignorant and illiterate.

Anonymous said...

I proclaim ANYTHING based on race to be completely in contradiction to the civilized inherent rights of responsible people anywhere. The people of the liberty loving United States need to acknowledge this in order to move on and live a truly satisfying life. I thought that the hard working people in the fishing industries were above racist motives. "Regional" representation, yes. Racial reps, no!

Anonymous said...

AFN ; Alaskans For Nepotism

Anonymous said...

Ignorant and illiterate goes without saying but don't forget greedy, dishonest and racist crooked too if you are going for a complete list

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wes for posting this article. CDQs should be on the coals as hot as hell because they are going to be allowed to 'write their own 20 year reviews' in 2012. They will be nice and rosy with tons of self back-slapping crap that it'll be hard to distinguish the facts from the opinions! What a scam.

Anyway, to the blogger who noted
"Most villages, tribes and city gov't do not realize the CDQ works for THEM, not the other way around!!"!!

You are so right on the millions and millions of dollars being mismanaged by a handful of men in control. When you question that control, you are a victim of "....CDQ back lash...". Using the peoples monies to silence the people in the know.

Anonymous said...

AFN is all about creating a false illusion of political support for the corporatist kleptocrats who control the regional native corporations.

Bread and circuses for the peasants and the lifestyles of the rich and famous for the corporate aristocracy.

AFN is confirmation that you can fool some of the people all of the time.

Anonymous said...

AFN; Alaska's Fat Natives

Well, almost. Check the degree of Native the leaders have - it's not the real Natives jack screwing themselves. Modern technology is a blessing because the truth is getting out much faster these days.

Anonymous said...

Bullying, scare tactics and public putdowns are some of the ways the CDQ cling-ons earn their "Brownie Points" otherwise know as "....CDQ back lash.....".

Anonymous said...

Don't forget misrepresentation of the facts (lies) and character defamation as part of the "....CDQ back lash....".

Anonymous said...

CDQ = Corruption Development Quota

Speaking of the CDQ managers manipulating the stakeholders of Western Alaska because of their high percent of illiteracy and yes, to the blogger who has pointed out the other characteristics as "....greedy, dishonest, racist crooked too"

Anonymous said...

Why all the bother about Natives? Bobby T hired Floyd Kookesh to lobby for him on behalf of equal harvest share in the Sitka Herring Fishery during the time that Floyd Kookesh was the Subsistence Director for Tlingit & Haida Central Council - check out the APOC filings for the F/V Pamela Rae, Inc.

I think that was a conflict of interest for both Floyd Kookesh and Bobby T.

Anonymous said...

What's interesting to me is how any of Deck Boss's posts that have ANYTHING to do with CDQ's gets high numbers of responses, mostly negative. One would think that reps. of the CDQ's would be defending themselves more.

Anonymous said...

They're too busy stealing more and then playing high roller, gambling it away during vacations. When you're that busy you don't have time to listen to the bitching peasants.

Anonymous said...

What's surprising is negativity toward the CDQ groups, it seems almost personal.

This bashing of the program as a result of a couple groups bloated admin costs is ridiculous. Not all the groups are run the same way.

For those who are constantly ripping on the program, what exactly do you propose they do? What specific projects should the groups be involved in?

Anonymous said...

The resolution speaks to more then representation for federal tribes, it calls for the repeal of the exemption of the Federal Advisory Committee Act to Regional Councils (FACA), Morons, we've done our home work and hope some of you imbreed mother fuckers will sit at the table to help craft a well rounded decision. FACA needs to be applied to the RC's.

Granted Eric is Alaska Native, he also serves the CDQ. There is old expression, you can't serve two masters!

Anonymous said...

I don't care if your are from Africa. This is a very good issue brought to the table. Some of you yahoos should be ashamed of yourselves.This resolution is SPOT on.
Trawling is the MOST indiscriminate fishery of ALL TIME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you suggest pots or hook and line for Arrowtooth?

Anonymous said...

Voices. What a idiot. You are the one bringing up racism.

Anonymous said...

That would be "what an idiot" not "what a idiot" Who's the idiot?

Anonymous said...

"For those who are constantly ripping on the program, what exactly do you propose they do? What specific projects should the groups be involved in?"

More in general than specific: do more to actually create sustaining jobs, not just slime-line seasonal ones. The simple fact of the matter is that as the CDQ program stands now, That is not happening. As has been repeatedly pointed out here too much of the pie goes to admin (bureaucracy). Getting paid to be on a board of directors is not a real job. One could merely hire a good broker to manage quota, a good lobbyist to do the BJ's, throw in a lawyer or two then divvy up the proceeds to every resident. That would do REAL economic good, a-la the PDF. Of course, by law that can't happen.

Anonymous said...

We need this to 200 miles for the whole country!

Anonymous said...

occupy processors, they are laughing at all this

Anonymous said...

Why is that surprising? If you take some time to find out what they have been doing or more importantly, not doing, you won't be surprised anymore.

"it seems almost personal."

That's because you don't know enough about the CDQ program. Try this, go to some of the 65 CDQ program communities and start compiling a list of people who have gotten long-term jobs earning enough to support their families through the CDQ program. You will find that your list is pretty short.

"This bashing of the program as a result of a couple groups bloated admin costs is ridiculous."

If you think there are CDQ groups that don't have bloated admin costs you need to do some more research.

"Not all the groups are run the same way."

Which ones are you talking about?

"For those who are constantly ripping on the program, what exactly do you propose they do? What specific projects should the groups be involved in?"

That's simple, creating career track employment in self-sustaining fisheries related industries so that people can support families, live comfortably and retire with a reasonable standard of living and remain in their home communities. Or if they choose, take the skills and their savings that they have acquired through CDQ funded programs to relocate to another community and start a new life. Just like the program said it was supposed to do back in 1992 when it started.

Anonymous said...

You can lead a horse to water, you can't make him drink it.

If there are not enough "jobs" where you live, then you need to move. What is so difficult to understand about that?

Living AND working where you desire are priveleges, not guarenteed rights.

Anonymous said...

So let see if I've got this right. You think Congress took 10.7% of the TACs of federally managed groundfish and gave it to the CDQ group corporate elite so that they can just put the royalties in the bank to support their lavish lifestyles in Anchorage? The jobs creation and fisheries related economic development in impoverished coastal Alaska communities they talked about when they added the CDQ provisions to the Magnuson-Stevens Act was just optional? Is that what you think?

Could you explain to us why the Congress would enact legislation that apparently has no other purpose than to create a class of wealthy CDQ executives and fatcat carpetbagging lawyers and consultants with huge piles of cash to play with? That doesn't make any sense at all to me.

Taking the CDQs out of TACs had a big impact on the industry. The guys who wrote that 15 page appeal on behalf of Washington and Oregon fishing interests were right about that. If it was not going to be used to address poverty and lack of economic opportunity in rural Alaska communities then what was it for?

Anonymous said...

"Living AND working where you desire are priveleges, not guarenteed rights." Those words make it sound so easy.

CDQ - Community Development Quota.

Where are the jobs; where is the development in the communities like Diomede, Wales, Brevig Mission, Golovin, Elim, Koyuk, to name a few of the Norton Sound villages who are stakeholders in the program.

Ice machine, boat trailer, welding machine, $100,000 a year in Community Benefit Share. You call that Community Development??????

20 years of the program and it's enriched only a few in control.

The Board of Directors are a farce because they are just puppets for the Management who work hard to keep control. Unqualified and native hatin managers who have no idea how to start and maintain a Community Development program worth millions and millions of Public Dollars coming from the destructive Public Resource Fishery.

So instead, they jump back into the Sea with the bucks and the poor wait for Community Development which was promised 20 years ago. This was a flawed program to start with. A scam. A distraction from the destruction of an important livelihood resource for the people - the salmon.

Anonymous said...

You know the biggest fatcat carpetbagging lawyer of all, he who gave us the CDQs, Ted Stevens!

Economic development, shown best in the plane wreck of the biggest carpetbagging fatcat lawyer ever before seen!
The Dillingham CDQ, for Stevens's Corporate Development Queen, buying votes with another local giveaway from the fatcat carpetbagger Stevens!
The carpetbaggin lawyer, shown best spread out on the Dillingham carpet...The Queen of the Corrupt Bastards Club!

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776
"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to their separation.
We hold theses truths to be self evident..."

Anonymous said...

"The first thing we do," said the character in Shakespeare's Henry VI, is "kill all the lawyers."

Forever Yours, The Carpetbagging Lawyer!

Anonymous said...

It's not in my nature to bad mouth the dead - they might have a warmer spot to share in the afterlife if one does indeed exist.

Though Ted Stevens brought home the pork for years, he did a lot of harm in making the Native Alaskas dependent on Federal Dollars. In fact it made a whole new class of Natives enriching themselves on the taxpayers dime. No more. It's degrading to the thousands of poor Natives who want to live their lives the best way they know. They have a right to happeniness too you know.

Anonymous said...

Well said! Handouts are NOT hand-ups. Self worth and true "pride" comes from jobs well done. Suicide comes from low self esteem and I charge all of the native handout programs with fostering that unhealthy atmosphere!

Anonymous said...

"enriching themselves on the taxpayers dime". Instead of BIA agents of the Western Movement days, it's their 'own' people ripping off the programs and paying themselves outrageous salaries to create an illusion that they are actually doing something to help the people.

Read "Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry: The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation" by Frances Widdowson and Albert Howard.

The real Natives know why our so called Leaders are ineffective, they don't care jack squat about the poor! In fact, they hang out with each other, their upper class given to themselves by themselves on the taxpayers dime.

Anonymous said...

And Trevor McCabe (friend of Bobby T and Rob Zuanich) works for Coastal Villages CDQ. Most of the management of the CDQs are former seafood processing executives. Natives in the villages are pretty upset with the CDQ management, but fishermen wouldn't know that since they don't live in the village.

Anonymous said...

here's a link to the Ak journal of commerce story on CDQ exec compensation. contains some real gems!

Anonymous said...

Those CEOs' salaries are appalling, especially Crow's.

Anonymous said...

Wow. CDQ program big shots committing robbery in broad daylight and nobody can stop them? What a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Alaska Journal of Commerce investigative journalist Andrew Jensen was interviewed on APRN about the obscene amounts CDQ program executives pay themselves. You can listen to it online at the link below.