Friday, October 28, 2011

Some blowback from New England

At the request of two Massachusetts congressmen, federal fishery management councils will be evaluated on how they're complying with the law on "socioeconomic impact of regulations on fishermen and fishing communities."

Here's a press release.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they could study what the socioeconomic impact to themselves would be if slackwood federal employees were told to hit the road.

Anonymous said...

The NPFMC needs to be investigated
not evaluated,,,,

Anonymous said...

I hope this also includes investigating the CDQ program of the Pollock Fishery. 20 year review - 2012 is fastly approaching.

The socioeconomic impact of the loss of salmon as a livelihood resource is hurting not only the Western Alaska Coastal villages but also the Native peoples of the Interior - the Athabascan.

The blockish grutnols of the CDQ program is participating in the Pollock Fishery without the blessing of the poor people who depend on the salmon as a food resource.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too comfortable with the headline "Some blowback from New England" when Bawney Fwank is a major player in the report. Are you messin' with us Wes, or trying to say something more?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, another rant about the CDQ program in this blog? Generally speaking with most of you bloggers that reply to Deckboss it could be a discussion about Doritos and you would tie it to the CDQ groups - in some nonsensical way per usual.

Anonymous said...

"Doritos" and salmon dip isn't a very good combo. Pilot bread and salmon spread is fastly becoming a rare treat.

Anything that has to do with fishing regulations in the United States of America has to include the Community Development Quota of the Pollock fishery. "Justice for all" is in our constitution.

Base word JUST means: fair, upright, honest, proper, right, equitable; this brings me to focus on the word HONEST: not cheating, lying, stealing; the best word of all is what our country offers us as citizens, EQUITABLE: equal in regards to the rights of persons(Webster's Dictionary).

All people, regardless of race, has a right to participate in the Public Monies CDQ program. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Tim, why do you want a handout so bad?

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