Thursday, October 6, 2011

A step closer to trimming Southeast seine fleet

The National Marine Fisheries Service today published regulations for a possible $23.5 million buyback of state permits in the Southeast Alaska purse seine salmon fishery.


Anonymous said...

SE gillnet fleet can't wait
for the reallocation after
the seine buy back.

Anonymous said...

Buying back permits because we're killing off the salmon in the Bering Sea Pollock Fishery.

Anonymous said...

why do we need a buy out now?i thought limited entry was the cure all for overcrowding overfishingand maybe too many natives in the state fisheries!what's next raise the 58 foot limit increase the length of the seine wow maybe we can do the same as we have done for the farms in amerika.make sure that a few rich white people get richer.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Arne Fuglvog's college
roommate who just happens to be a Southeast seine fisheries lobbyist
sold this further consolidation of
Alaskan Fisheries. Who has more to gain?

Anonymous said...

S.E. seine permit holders are going to puke when they see the list of bid "winners" and the amount to be paid. The majority will vote no to this 3% of gross stock ripoff.

Anonymous said...

the usual schemers, scammers and manipulators of the fishing industry are winners, ie. football head (likes to be known as bobbyt), zuanich, manos, etc. etc. the list and bid amounts is quitely being shown around. it should show up on this site anytime now.

Anonymous said...

"Truth is tough. It will not break, like a bubble, at a touch; nay, you may kick it about all day like a football, and it will be round and full at evening."
Oliver Wendell Holmes

We love boobyt, don't We!

Anonymous said...

In the first buyout using grant funds I saw Rob Zuanich's wife as a permit holder - I did you not. Still have the PDF, I believe she works in medical records at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center and if she has ever captained a seiner in SE Alaska, then she probably is keeping Fuglvog's log books.

Anonymous said...

Don't let any Alaska Law get in your way?

Like the required Optimum Number Study, as required under the CFEC Statute's?

And the optimum Number study, that does not exist in Chapter 20, of CFEC Administrative Code???

Honestas Optima Politia,

Vote for this on and you need your brain examined.

Sec. 16.43.290. Optimum number of entry permits.

Following the issuance of entry permits under AS 16.43.270 , the commission shall establish the optimum number of entry permits for each fishery based upon a reasonable balance of the following general standards:

Sec. 16.43.300. Revisions of optimum number of entry permits.

(a) The commission may increase or decrease the optimum number of entry permits for a fishery when one or more of the following conditions makes a change desirable considering the purposes of this chapter:

(1) an established long-term change in the biological condition of the fishery has occurred that substantially alters the optimum number of entry permits permissible applying the standards set out in AS 16.43.290;

(2) an established long-term change in market conditions has occurred, directly affecting the fishery, that substantially alters the optimum number of entry permits permissible under the standards set out in AS 16.43.290 .

(b) If the commission decreases the optimum number of entry permits for a fishery, the number of entry permits may be reduced only under the voluntary buy-back provisions set out in AS 16.43.310 and 16.43.320.

Sec. 16.43.310. Establishment of buy-back funds and permit buy-back assessments.

(b) The commission may establish by regulation a permit buy-back assessment for each fishery for which the commission has established a buy-back fund under (a) of this section. The amount of the assessment may not exceed seven percent of the value, as defined in AS 43.75.290 , of fish that a permit holder in the fishery subject to the assessment removes from the state or transfers to a buyer in the state. The Department of Revenue shall collect an assessment established under this subsection.

(c) The commission shall expend money appropriated to a buy-back fund for the purpose of reducing the number of entry permits in the fishery to the optimum number, at a rate to be established by the commission. The legislature may appropriate interest accrued on the money in a buy-back fund to that fund. Except as provided in AS 16.43.320, money appropriated to a buy-back fund does not lapse.

Sec. 16.43.320. Administration of the buy-back program.

Sec. 16.43.330. Issuance of new entry permits; appropriations related to fleet reduction.

(a) When the number of outstanding entry permits for a fishery is less than the optimum number established under AS 16.43.290 , the commission shall issue new entry permits to applicants who are presently able to engage actively in the fishery until the optimum number is reached.

(b) The commission shall determine equitable methods of issuance, as appropriate, under (a) of this section that assure the receipt of fair market value for the permits issued.

(c) If a salmon fishery association qualified under AS 16.40.250 takes part in a fleet reduction program by expending money or incurring debt to contract with permit holders to relinquish the holders' entry permits under AS 16.43.150 (i), and if this section requires additional permits to be issued for the same fishery in which the fleet reduction program was implemented, the legislature may appropriate any resulting revenue to the association for reimbursement of money expended or to retire any outstanding debt incurred for fleet reduction purposes. An appropriation under this subsection must be made within 30 years after the date the money was expended or debt incurred.

Anonymous said...

The optimum number is whatever increases the value of Bobby T, Alaska Seiners, Silver Bay membership, and that is the bottom line - the hell with the rest of the legalese. The only thing that matters is lining the pockets of the original investors in Silver Bay Seafoods, Alaska Seiners, SE Seiners -- just look at the membership of the boards and throw in NRSAA while you are at it since they are now based at Silver Bay and hired the former executive director - a cabal.

Anonymous said...

Well everyone knows the FBI will be interested in an Act of Congress, in violation of State Statute, of course only Silver Bay, should read the Silver Bullit!

The Privilege Clause, without the privilege of a State Statute?

Love that CBC Club, don't we!

Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241
Conspiracy Against Rights

This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).

It further makes it unlawful for two or more persons to go in disguise on the highway or on the premises of another with the intent to prevent or hinder his/her free exercise or enjoyment of any rights so secured.

Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years, or both; and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years, or for life, or may be sentenced to death.

Anonymous said...

a few winning bids:
MANOS, THOMAS $225,000.00

Anonymous said...


Those dumb bastards

If they'd held on so1a permits will be going for 300k in a year

500k by 2015

High gross stock this year was 1.75 million

High crewshares was 160,000

Selling permits for barely more than a crewshare?

What fools

What other fools are out there selling out of a $100 million fishery where the AVERAGE gross stock was around a half

Anonymous said...

Don't sell at any price
These permits are going through the roof.
These croatians and Norwegian Jews are trying to dupe you guys into selling
250,000 is cheap for a permit that should be selling for 500,000

Anonymous said...

You can bet these are the cheapest ones out there. After a season like this you'd have to be a dumbass to sell your permit for anywhere near these prices. These guys are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Last anon. How did they get these out so fast? Did these morons sell before the season? Are they already sold? Why so cheap?

Anonymous said...

Talk about bad timing

I can't even find one to buy at any price

Anonymous said...

I'll buy them all right now

Who are they selling them to

Anonymous said...

Sure are cheaper than ifqs

Anonymous said...

This will screw the young folks out of a cnance to enter the fishery!

Anonymous said...

Just like iffqs

Now it will cost 500,000 to make a million in se salmon

It costs 5 million to make a million in ifqs

Anonymous said...

Se gillnet fleet can't wait

To suck on tbis

They are the ones along with trollers who really need buyback

Anonymous said...

Screwing the young guys

What happened to the good old days when you could get a se seine permit for 25,000 a d catch humpies for a nickel

Anonymous said...

Those seiners sure did a lousy job of making fishery valuable

Anonymous said...

This is bad for crew

Now look at all the taxes they gotta pay

My guys made eighty grand last year

Anonymous said...

that means you probably made 5 million,so what the hell give your crew some crumbs!is'nt capitalism great!

Anonymous said...

As I predicted, Rob Zuanich's wife (Michelle) is a medical records technician in Seattle and has never fished. What do you think? Think Rob went and bought a few SE seining permits up for cheap just to sell them under the buyback?

Anonymous said...

Rob and BobT should ashamed..

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter who sells

Some dumbass must have sold them to her

I'm glad she is also a dumbass and is selling

Limited entry was made for the fido the binky the Oregon city the Jackie a the Jerry o the Nestor the Libby 12 the Libby 8 the souvenir the marysville the halo wawa

Back then the biggest boats were the Alma j and Sierra madre

Now the average boat can pack and catch 3-4 times more fish

This buyback-- if there is one flaw-- doesn't go far enough

Anonymous said...

BUYBACKS are the begining of the end. We lose numbers, We lose Fish and Fishing time.

Anonymous said...

The poster @3:55 pm surely is Bobby T or one of his buddies.

Gina Thorstenson has a permit to sell? Isn't she just a housewife in Shoreline, holding garage sales in Innis Arden and making shopping trips to New York City (saw her interviewed on King 5 TV talking about how she loved the low priced air fares).

And Bobby T had an extra permit as well? Peder Thorstenson had a seining permit? I thought he was just a picker...

Checking the CFEC database, all these permits were bought up after the buyback started, Rob Z, Bobby T & the boys at SRA (like Tom Manos) are manipulating the system for their personal profit.

Anonymous said...

Lots of guys buy permits for different reasons-family death so 2 permits needed to attend to family in late in life situations with parents

Last I checked Boobyt hadnt made any more deliveries than Gina

As for Peder - he owns a 200,000 lb 26 wide named after his dad- so he more than picks and always has

His first seine season in SE was 1983 as crew and 2000 As skipper

Entitled to sell a permit?
But who cares.

Everyone knows the anti buyback crowd

Anonymous said...

Are wrong? It's a mathematical certainty that the buyback certainty is a winner--- why not release all the names Wesley?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the SRA or SEAS who thought this reverse auction up.

The program took 3 years longer just because the SRA fought for a one price buyback and NMFS insisted upon the reverse auction.

Anonymous said...

The top 3 bidders were initial issuance permits.

Whomever the poster above was referring to they are wrong.

Perhaps the Z and T permits were purchased later-- so what.

As for the rest, especially the top 3 priced permits on the list, they were initial issuance and you will recognize the names and not begrudge them their %250,000

Anonymous said...

Carry on all you want, just look up the years the SE seining permits were bought up by the Thorstensons & Zuanich families and you will see that they bought them after the federal law was passed, squirreling them away so they could cash them out when salmon prices were low and wait for the prices to go back up and sell when the buyback started. It's called gaming the system for your personal gain.

Gina Thorstenson - 2010 purchased
Peder Thorstenson transferred his SE Seine permit permanently in 1994 but obtained one in 2006 (the year buyback passed Congress)
Bob Thorstenson Jr picked a 2nd one in 2009 which is the first year there was grant money available for a trial buyback and there is no record for one for Sr.
Michelle Zuanich picked up a SE Seine permit in 2006 (and once again, strangely enough, it was the year the buyback passed Congress)

And can anyone imagine Rob Zuanich actually getting dirty fishing? He has been busy trading permits for short periods of time, it must be a new business, speculating in CFEC markets.

What is this about deaths in the family causing permit stacking, there is no record of any transfers from family members at all.

Anonymous said...

the processors are silent about the shrinking fleet, or are they?

Anonymous said...

jr says he had to buy permits to have guys run his boat because he said he wanted to spend time with his dying dad

it's probably because hes just too fat to get on the boat

his brother never had a seine permit in 1994, that was one of those phony transfer deals. probably one of their cousins. he never ran a boat until 2000, which was the shannon, which he then promptly sank with SR at the wheel.

he probably didn't have the permit in his own name then as he had a bay permit but he owned one since 2000

that's one year before the buyback ever got started at the planning stages.

if folks were so sure of the buyback then why were permits still 78000 in 2010--- 2 years after the first buyback went for up to 95000

the processors are not silent about the shrinking fleet.

you can get a boat in 5 minutes so long as you can get it out of it's stall on zero down. the processors have been panicking and are probably most of the folk on here blasting the buyback.

surprise here is the sellers.

look at the whole list.

these permits, ranging from 125 (well below today's value) up to 250, with an average of 202. are a good deal cheaper than they would be now-- a mere 4 months later

not only that, if there were no further buybacks, the 3% (that comes off the processors fish ticket) would shrink to 1.75%

the rate of the 40 year loan is 5.5%, lowest you could get for such a program since WWII

not all of us like bobbyt but it doesn't mean we're stupid

we hired the fat f--- to do this for us.

it wasn't the other way around.

it's telling that he bought his permits right around the time his father died and we all know the story about gina's permit. she still owes $25,000 to the family she bought it from if it sells.

the permit was never meant to be hers but the deal fell through with one of his crew who then bought his own permit.

as for Mr Z. For all the work he did -- 5 times more than bobbyt-- he should have been entitled to a significant raise.

Mr. Z deserves all he gets.
First ever program of it's kind in the nation, let alone in Alaska

Limited entry needed re=limiting.

1974's seine fleet had no Deltas
only about a couple dozen boats even exist now that were in the fishery then.

we knew we needed to change

look up our SE seine website at if you want all the intel and info on the buyback, ever since our 2004 newsletters

you might not like bobbyt but this is why we hired him and sent him to live in Juneau-- for this exact reason-- to get us a f===ing buyback.

dumb sob took long enough, eh?

Anonymous said...

All but one Processor are against it. To little to late. Of course SBS isn't. All part of the Z Plan.

Anonymous said...

SBS would be against it if the company had a couple more years to mature and weren't a bunch of fishermen zealots.

This has the potential to be economically devastating to our coastal processors.

What if there's just a 10 million run like 2006 or 14 million like 2008.

Or even 22 million like 2010.

The processors are looking for fishermen right now so their split will be better as more of their boats idle around, polluting the environment in 10 boat lineups. What does it cost the processor to have 4 of those boats be his rather than 2 or 3.

Of course the fisherman--and naturally SE seiners are still sharecroppers really--suffers under the boom and bust scenario just as processor profits would lighten up a bit if more processors got into the game.

There are certain numbers of taxi licenses in Anchorage. Certain certificates etc needed for haircressers. Exact number of liquor licenses in Petersburg.


Then we'll be back to boom and bust.
And from the looks of the 11 new $165000 to $195000 powerskiffs that came into the fishery in 2010-2011, it looks like we are booming right now.

Which is why these permits are a bargain.

Anonymous said...

sharecropper zealots, not your humble professionals of fore? those pocessors will rid the raft.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

PORTER, RON $250,000


Anonymous said...

MENISH, BILL $370,000


Anonymous said...

Where is the list?

Anonymous said...

you can tell from boobyt's comments on this blog that he has the list. come on booby, share.

Anonymous said...

Bobby T doesn't live in Juneau, Gina & Bobby T live in Innis Arden, down in Shoreline, Washington.

Gina last voted in Washington State on 8/17/2010 according to the GOP Conservative Run Sound Politics voter database.

So quit the lies about sending Bobby T to live in Juneau, he lives in Shoreline, Washington and is one of the outside fishermen he seeks to get rid from the SE seine fleet.

Anonymous said...

The looks & price of the new powerskiffs, Bobby T should know all about those since he burned up two of those in 2009-10.

As for all of the whining about Bobby T's ministrations to his father as he died, then why did he get popped again by ADFG for using his catamaran as a spotter boat?

Why does a Silver Bay Seafoods main partner lose his appeal in the herring fishery and get repeated ADFG violations but brags he is the best fisherman in SE Alaska all the while his boat is leaking diesel?

Rob Zuanich deserves more money? In what world do you live in? Rob Zuanich owed the IRS six figures in King County and yet managed to swing a loan from AIDEA for Silver Bay Seafoods - I have the lien from the King County Recorders Office.

Bobby T complains about anonymous posters, but he is on this board and has his friends posting on this board justifying their unethical deals.

Anonymous said...

now loserville is bringing denkinger into this. he was the top se seiner. now barry is.
there should be a statue to troy and rob for all the money they made for se salmon seiners the past 4-5 years
those guys and SBS made a major career for alot of us out of what had been a 5 cent jerkoff fishery and if you won't give them the credit where does the credit go. Trident, Icicle, AGS or OBSI. They did some innovative moves too. More plant restructuring to do more product. More frozen. Burgers. They deserve joint credit.
this has been a career and game changer whether you are a SBS fan or not. last year, in 2010 the Price Earnings ratio of SBS was 1


How do you top that
If you've had time to search Mr. Z's king county records then it's obvious you are a Victor Smith wannabe loser who probably couldn't even get a decent job as a deckhand on the WA state ferries
too bad

Rob Z and Troy D deserve every bit as much credit in the small world of SE seining than any other great combo-- Chuck,Ed Bart and Kory, Terry and John and Jon, Even the real Bob T and Tom Thompson.
Even Ronny Porter
These guys did good things for fishermen statewide but never had the immediate impact of Rob and Troy

No one.... no one has done more for SE seine than Rob and Troy


Don't believe me? Look at the gross stocks this year, look at the SBS dividends and a stock that started at $70,000 for 1% but is now worth 10 times that amount
best investment aidea ever made

yeah. get a life. shouldn't have sold that permit and boat for peanuts Vic. The package would be worth well over a million.
just like selling your Norquest stock for 10 cents on the dollar. good move. must have been someone ganging up on you. must have been someone else's fault

Anonymous said...

at least bobbyt got a great market in hood canal selling you down the river

i hear they even let him go down south of Hazel.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness!!! How much of Denkingers "gross stock" was robbed out of creeks and out of closed waters? The only thing Denkinger has done is hurt the future runs by robbing the creeks so many times in Lisianski and Slocam!!!!

Anonymous said...

pretty weak

barry and denkinger are the ones to beat in se

always has been for troy but barry went over the top in 2004

way over the top this year=critizize if you wanna but go out and put your jockstrap on and fish around them sometime and you'll figure it out.

that's the only fish caught up north. robbing creek fish. that's why no one ever goes up there. funny thing is the fish don't seem to have minded the massive 'creek robbing' and mauling that you claim troy is doing. been killing more fish than anyone in se since 93 except for bobbyt a decade ago for a couple years and then now whenever barry beats him--which has been pretty handily in 07 (troy wasn't on boat but ty was) 09 and 11 but troy beat up on him bigtime in 10

yeah, been killing more fish in D 13 and Chatham and then 2011 was the biggest alltime since 1878
something must have gotten by

yeah, really they're just terrible fishermen. must be doing something. can't be working 35 straight days with no sleep, buying 100,000 in flying time 150,000 powerskiffs and 100,000 nets
those things don't help.

get real. if you don't believe these guys are the best there is, then try fishing around them sometime. most of us just go the other way and find someone we can compete with. they are in a league of their own.

Anonymous said...

and mr anonymass. it's slocum

troy and john can beat anyone in se by fishing 9-5 and taking sundays off

Anonymous said...

seining salmon is easy, getting a net around the fish is the only thing these two do differently. use a drag free spectra net, tow it as fast as you can, pin the fish inside of it and use a shallow beach end is all they are doing covering more ground per set, suprised no one has beat them by now.

Anonymous said...

theyd still catch more fish with cotton than the rest of the fleet using spectra-scooping isn't everything and doesn't lend itself to alot of places in se

Question?Why did SRA board member Dave Street sell his permit in 2010 if there was such a buying conspiracy for the decade this plan had been in place?Didnt they tell Dave what was up?What could Michele Z and Gina T have possibly known that Dave didn't if he was on the SRA board?Perhaps they had the unbounded faith that comes from being spouses who trust that their husbands will eventually succeed.Certainly it wasn't obvious that this would work out.The processors had the exits blocked in the spring session of 2010 at the Alaska state legislature.They said it would hurt their business by paying too much for the salmon from the fishermen.

Question?Why did Bud Marese jump off the SRA board unexpectedly and then sell a permit?Did he feel guilty or is there more to it?Whose permit did he buy?WAS it Dave's?

Anonymous said...

Oh.And the first poster(the nonsense about the gillnetters) was Tom Gemmell, who now is the Executive Director of USAG after being the goto processor shill in Juneau while at MCA after being fired by UFA

The reason there will be no reallocation to the gillnet fleet is that the number of permits fishing will not be radically altered.Maybe a 15-20% reduction on weaker years but the range of 207-262 is the range the seine fleet has been at this past decade( down from 350-380 average the prior decade) and ask USAG how much territory they took away from the seiners in that time

Anonymous said...

cotton net? you're really full of yourself. there is no more to it than what has been said here, get an airplane, have the best equipment, have an unlimited market, that's all there is to it. george hamilton, john hinchman, knew how to read the tides, lay out their net and how to tow on it. when and where to go. on their own, no one knew as much as they did. times and methods have changed, that is all.

Anonymous said...

never put them in the same category
the echo is never the same as the original

Anonymous said...

the equipment that the old timers used was 1/4 as efficient as today and they were still that good.

but that's why we're having a buyback. because the equipment being used to seine is 4 times more efficient per permit than in 1974

Anonymous said...

they weren't put in the same category, they stand alone. no one could beat those two in their day when everyone was on the same playing field. unlike today, where some boys are playing with bigger and better toys.

Anonymous said...

The seas brailer soop just came in the mail. It states that there was a vote taken amoung seas members on wether they are for or against the buyback. It states that 85 percent of seas members were in favor of buyback.I find this very troubling, I was never asked and several other members that I have spoken with were never asked to vote.Sounds like more BOBBY T propaganda. Something smell fishy.

Anonymous said...

This whole buyback seems to be pretty fishy smelling.I would be in favor of this buyback if all the permits that were being bought had been fished for the past 10 years. This is one of the biggest problems that I have.Im not into linning the pockets of others,just makes no sence to me. Maybe ROB n BOBBYS wifes should be required to fish those permits before we give them our hard earned money.I could think of alot more better ways to spend my money.

Anonymous said...

Would you have felt better if some Seattle retiree who hasn't fished in 10 years was on the list? You shouldn't.

What matters here is if that permit WILL fish in the future. If the buyback fails, all these unused permits will flood the market and be sold to somebody, and that person will almost certainly be a new entrant to the fishery.

There were at least 350 permits fished every year until 2001 when prices dropped to nothing. With humpies at $.42, it's only a matter of time before these permits start coming back. I saw lots of squid lights and Canadian boats this year.

As frustrating as it is to hear these guys' wives are on the list, I hope we can get past that and focus on long-term future of this fishery. We should reduce the number of permits while we still have a chance, even at $200k a permit.

Think about it, you can buy out a permit FOREVER for the price 450,000 pounds. If that permit would have fished just ONE MORE was a good investment.

I'm voting for it.

Anonymous said...

23.5 million dollars allocated for this buy back. 13 mil will be spent for buying back 67 permits. This leaves 10 mil for zuanich and his boys to get into more mischief. zuanich and thorstenson families walk out the door with 1.2 million for 5 permits. throw in 235 thousand for troy denkinger's wife, 213 thou for buddy marrese and if that does not convince you that this was not an inside caper then you folks deserve to get fleeced. how are you going to feel every fall when 3% of your gross stock gets deducted to pay these crooks off?????

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it sucks that some 'inside' guys will make a lot of money on this because nobody else submitted a cheaper bid.

Ten years from now, twenty years from now, it won't matter which jerk got paid what for a permit. What will matter is that we won't be be sitting in a big line up or fishing one day a week because all 380 permits re-entered the fishery when things turned around.

Anonymous said...

Someone else is asking questions about Rob & Bobby in terms of their running partners - anyone forget about Ben Stevens & Trevor McCabe?

McCabe's 2009 total of $362,000 was slightly less than the $362,358 he was paid by Coastal Villages in 2008 in salary ($197,358), legal fees ($115,000) and lobbying fees ($50,000)

Federal law prohibts individuals from receiving exessive salaries from nonprofits. The term is called inurement, and if found guilt, can result in an organization losing its tax exempt status.

Maybe it's time for SE Seiners to look at how much Bobby T's salary is and how much he is paid for lobbying, especially when he is personally benefiting from the laws & regulations, same applies to Rob Z & Southeast Revitalization, Alaska Seiners, Alaska Fishermen's Building, Silver Bay Seafoods, and the entire spiderweb of related transactions.

Anonymous said...

Let's dig into bobbies big seas salary

He must be getting rich

After all, he worked for us for free.

For a fuckung decade

That's how we knew he wasn't financially corrupt before we hired him

What's up

No ferries today Vic

Anonymous said...

I totally agree,Rob Z and his insider trading is a bunch of crap.Seems to me that their is a big conflict of intrest wiyh Rob Z and the buyback.Silver Bay, Rob Z, and Bobby T spells a whole lot of trouble. All three need to be looked at with a fine tooth comb, and I meen fine.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't a 10 year smith Taufen enge investigation that uncovered so many many bad bad things seem long enough

Plus 5 years of FBI
Didn't Vic meet with the FBI 5 years ago?

These guys have had more investigations than the mafia

Oh that's right-zipzero nada

Silver bay ?? Must be the processor in you.

Silver bay has done what?
That's right -- those bad boys drove the fishermens price up to 50 cents from a nickel

For shame

Fine tooth comb- z@t have had their butthairs plucked by the Feds over and over

Last I checked they 'connived' and construed to drive the price of salmon up and gave too much leverage and power to the fishermen

Besides- if they were so tight then why did football head get kicked out of PSVOA last month

And why was footballhead the only-- I mean one and only -- fisherman not allowed to invest in SBS

And why did football head buy out Z in the Alaska Fishermens Building 3 years ago

Guess you are behind in the news a bit

You fuvking blowhardz

Anonymous said...

As for buying permits

If this was such a sure deal then why didn't you buy one?

Because no one thought they'd get it done, that's why

And no one thought pinks would be 50 cents

And no one thought the Avg gross in se would be 450,000

The Avg SBS boat was over 500,000

Yeah--fire those high salaried cocksuckers

They're ruining my S01A fishery
And my boat and permit value too!!

Anonymous said...

Why did football head (aptly named by that zany Haltner boy, " king freddy", get the boot from seiners association??

Anonymous said...

We sent bob and Rob to get us a buyback

Here it is

Accept it or reject it

There will never be another

Like the folks
Like the way it was done

Maybe not

But I need to have a stable business now

And this gets us there

Anonymous said...

Bobby T never worked for free, what in the world are you drinking? He pulled down a salary from SEAS plus lobbying fees separate from his salary. I must say, commercial fishermen are stupid. Let me say it again, only shouting -- COMMERCIAL FISHERMEN ARE STUPID IF THEY THINK BOBBY T WORKED FOR FREE.

Don't believe me, well, then go edify yourselves and look up the Form 990s filed with the IRS and the forms filed with APOC, but that might be too hard for some of you.

Anonymous said...

finding any apoc stuff on 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 or Jan through May of 2003.

no. that's because he was working for free. we hired him in may of 2003 for 50,000 a year. he makes a bit more than that now but not much and we pay no taxes on him, no social security, no retirement and no health insurance. in fact he ends up paying way more than his share- between 2-5000 a year, just because he forgets to ask for reimbursements on alot of SEAS business. SEAS salaries and wages from 2000-2002 averaged 118,000 a year for total office staff payments. in 2005-06-07-08 staff averaged less than 65000 a year.

Half. bobbyt was doing all of SEAS work, from licking stamps to everything, for half.

now he has a staffer, fortunately, so our total office staff, etc, is 90,000 a year. One office staffer plus bobbyt. Still only 80% of what we were paying a decade ago.