Monday, October 17, 2011

Public service announcement

Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell just announced his picks for the following organizations:

Yukon River Panel

Gov. Parnell appointed Myron Naneng to the Yukon River Panel. The panel is focused on the conservation of salmon stocks originating from the Yukon River in Canada. The panel also manages the new Yukon River Salmon Restoration and Enhancement Fund.

Naneng, of Bethel, serves as president of the Association of Village Council Presidents. He is appointed to a seat reserved for an Alaskan who represents the lower Yukon River region.

North Pacific Research Board

Gov. Parnell nominated Michael Castellini and Mike Miller to the North Pacific Research Board, whose members are appointed by the U.S. commerce secretary. The board recommends marine research initiatives relating to fisheries and marine ecosystems in the North Pacific Ocean, Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean.

Castellini, of Fairbanks, is dean of the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences. He is nominated to a seat reserved for a representative of the academic community.

Miller, of Sitka, has 30 years of professional experience in the marine industry, including work in marine towing, salvage, emergency response, research, passenger service, fisheries, piloting and cargo as a U.S. Coast Guard licensed vessel captain. He is a member of the NPRB's Advisory Panel and a member of the Sitka Tribal Council. He is nominated to a seat reserved for a representative of Alaska Native interests.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Parnell must not know his Alaska geography. Myron Naneng grew up on and still lives on the Kuskokwim River and he is seated on a Yukon River Panel????????? What! No one living on the Yukon, born and raised qualifies. What a slam.

Anonymous said...

North Pacific Research Board needs to not succumb to Special Interest groups looking for easy money grant projects. Too much money has been wasted in the Norton Sound area on supposed 'research' on the Salmon which have been in decline for 20 years. Lets use some judgement and choose professionals to get some real data before the Salmon Streams become Salmon Ghost Streams.