Friday, March 26, 2010

Woods resigns from Board of Fisheries

This just in from the governor's office:

March 26, 2010

Vacancy Created on the Board of Fisheries

JUNEAU — Gov. Sean Parnell accepted the resignation of Janet Woods from the Alaska Board of Fisheries.

The resignation creates a vacancy on the seven-member panel that is charged with the conservation and development of Alaska's fisheries resources. Woods, of Fairbanks, was appointed on July 22, 2009.

"I am grateful for Janet's service during her tenure on the board," Gov. Parnell said.

According to state law, the governor shall, within 30 days after a vacancy occurs, appoint a person to serve the balance of the term and submit that name to the Legislature for confirmation.


Anonymous said...

Did she ever make it to a meeting? What a joke. Her appointment was Palin pandering to rural Alaska.

slamminsalmon said...

Gee, I wonder if Brent Johnson would have treated the responsibility so cavalier. Some say she never attended a full meeting. So much for the wailings of Tanana Chiefs and the AOC,KRSA on a need to be represented. Another exceptional move from our former Governess now reality star, I don't know if we can handle anymore reality from Palin!

Anonymous said...

Even when she did attend a meeting, she screwed the native over anyhow, the truly amusing BOF, another Palin Clownshow.
You gotta love those votes for Todd Palins Set Net Operations the best, isn't it great when you wife get you a few seats for that personal use designation?