Saturday, March 6, 2010

The power stays on

You might recall my post on the plight of Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association, which was facing a threat from the local electric utility to switch off power to the remote Tutka Bay salmon hatchery.

Well, the Regulatory Commission of Alaska recently came down with a ruling on the matter, and Deckboss suspects the Homer Electric Association is still rubbing its backside from the sting.

The best reading begins on page 17 of this order, which finds that the utility's rather heavy-handed way of dealing with the hatchery operator "was inappropriate, and not reflective of the spirit usually found in electric cooperatives."

In short, Cook Inlet Aquaculture is a longstanding customer and Homer Electric must continue supplying power, the RCA ruled.

But the RCA added: "The issue of HEA's cost to serve CIAA is unlikely to go away," and the hatchery operator someday could face higher rates.

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