Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No oil and gas leasing for Bristol Bay

Sure enough, the federal government today nixed oil and gas lease sales in Bristol Bay, at least for the next seven years.

Here's a memorandum from the man himself, President Obama, withdrawing the bay from leasing.

"Bristol Bay is a national treasure that we must protect for future generations," Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said.

For the national picture on the government's offshore oil and gas leasing plans, check out this press release.


Anonymous said...

ohhh goody maybe salazar will ban trawling in the adjacent area....precedence is set

Dan Strickland said...

The protection for Bristol Bay is strictly and specifically against oil and gas development. It was the raised voices of fishermen and locals that reached Salazar's ears. This only works to protect valuable fisheries, not to jeopardize them.

Anonymous said...

he's right, precedence has been set

Anonymous said...

I sure hope a precedence has been set.......what you want an oil spill in Bristol Bay