Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ocean Beauty to be ready at Petersburg

Tom Sunderland of Ocean Beauty Seafoods tells Deckboss the company plans to open its Petersburg cannery for this year's salmon season.

You'll recall the plant was closed last year after the state ferry Matanuska crashed into the dock on May 7, causing considerable damage.

Southeast Alaska is expecting a big pink salmon harvest this summer, and the Petersburg plant will be ready, Sunderland said.


Anonymous said...

Good, can them all. No good frozen or dried except for the poor people in Asia.

Anonymous said...

You kidding? Poor people of Asia? They are doing a hell of a lot better than you think. I have been there, you know nothing of the people in Asia. Annoying, racist, and inaccurate post 7:08.

Anonymous said...

Humpies, $ .75 lb. grounds price.