Monday, March 25, 2013

Legislature passes anti-GE salmon resolution

The Alaska Senate today unanimously passed a resolution opposing U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of genetically engineered salmon.

The resolution, which previously passed the House, now goes to Gov. Sean Parnell.

A resolution does not carry the force of law. Rather, it merely expresses legislative sentiment.


Anonymous said...

Better yet would be a resolution opposing the Salmon Bycatch of the Pollock Fishery.

Grow a set Senate

Your People


Western Alaska

Are hungry

For King Salmon

Anonymous said...

Genetically engineered salmon is the food for the future and it's coming wheither we like it or not.

Once the wild salmon is all killed off in the sea by the Pollock Fishery, the poor people in Western Alaska won't know the difference. That's the attitude and it SBT.

Anonymous said...

Let's go, Rep. Tarr!! She's off to a great and impressive start!!