Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hearing to focus on Magnuson-Stevens Act

A congressional committee will hold a hearing Wednesday on reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

Looks like a couple of Alaska industry players are on the list of witnesses, including Joe Plesha, chief legal officer for Trident Seafoods Corp., and Bob Dooley, president of the trawl group United Catcher Boats.


Anonymous said...

Plesha and Dooley, that will be a blow job.

Anonymous said...

Non-Alaskan, "Alaska industry players".

Anonymous said...

Yup, ask the foxes how the hen house is looking.

Anonymous said...

Can you say rigged! The majority of fishermen in Alaska are really tired of being set up by industry. We should be marching on Congress and taking it over by millions of US constituents because they are self serving and work for the highest paid lobbyists not the American public. This is the usual crock of.........

Anonymous said...

read plesha testimony, it is all about trident. this is not about fish and fishermen, as some would believe.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When you let corporations buy up and own a natural resource, where is the fisherman's leverage? Same old story...corporate Amerika at work.

Anonymous said...

Plesha sez: more privatization and PQ!

Dooley sez: OY (NS1) over all other standards!

Anonymous said...

So what can we do? Why cant we change this. We need to organize!! We can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this what the UFA is supposed to be for? They are nothing. Absolutely flat. Groundswell would be kicking ass if he had your support, unfortunately though for years, everyone believed Bobby T. The processors' pied piper.

Anonymous said...

Joe Plesha
"... it is unclear how annual catch limits and accountability measures (in the EEZ) can be adopted for Alaska's salmon management...." , plus his analysis on the benefits of accountability. UNBELIEVABLE the extent of evil spewing from this man and his employer, Trident. These regulations are so complex and industry specific there is no way any Congressman could understand the implications of Plesha's recommendations, let alone a Congressman under the influence of a lobbyist.

Anonymous said...

mistype on 2:46 Benefits of rationalization, not accountability.

GFM public advocacy said...

Hey boots-on-deckers, let's add a little rant to the rave:

One thing you won't find Groundswell doing is using a 1960 economist who has been fully discredited by real economist as the footnote of choice - and Plesha most likely learned of the guy in the first place when years ago at the NPFMC I diced and sliced Ronald Coase's ridiculous "market-based solutions" talk to pieces, against Plesha's testimony. Will Joe ever learn? And to quote Scott Matulich, a bought and paid for (by processors) economist-agent-of-corporate-influence, fully discredited as well speaks of Plesha's knowing no one in Congress will actually know the truth. Very disrespectful. A form of lying to Congress.

But we sure like the part where Trident brings back out the threat to major IFQ holders that if they don't behave -- given that processors fix the ex-vessel prices among their own cartel -- then the processors will speak in support of captains and crews getting a fair share. Idle threat really. But useful in making mice out of sealord-lease-fee charging "men of investment not". Overcapitalize? I beg your pardon! It was only the late-stage investment on shoreside level that overcapitalized the plant capacity.

And the word really should be over-capacitized. After the Catch Share systems, huge amounts of capital from hedge funds, private equity firms, and other non-fishermen flooded and will flood in so that they can get those coveted (per EDF sales job at Milken-the-crooks seminar for such hedge boys) 400% returns. Give us a break, Joe.

You speak out of both sides of your mouth, in open threats, as if holding onto UBC's scrotum - like you have the strength to squueze them, whereas if UBC and trawlers had any balls at all, they'd file a price-fixing lawsuit on you for pollock that you product launder the profits overseas on.

We loved your letter Joe, and could pick it apart with one fin tied behind our gills. So thanks for showing the fishermen that nothing is good enough for you except COOPERATIVES with Processor Linkages to Catcher Boats. Like your company and its extended family doesn't own enough of both sides of the equation already.

If Congress falls for this and your "lawyerly opinion" that NMFS is wrong in its 30 years of interpretations of MSA on one point that goes against your idea of having a government-sponsored monopoly all to yourselves, then you win -- again, that is if Congress is really that stupid. Good job Joe. You can buy dinner next time. Whoops, I forgot, Groundswell doesn't let economic treasonists even buy it a cup of old coffee.

Somebody call out the DOJ and FTC enforcement and start ending these public larcenies of "ratz" now. It is long past time to throw foreigners out ashore too, for all the billions they have stolen mean they gave up rights to reciprocity in global trade in fisheries.

Just having fun with ya, - Groundswell

Anonymous said...

Ronald Coase received the Nobel Prize in 1991 “for his discovery and clarification of the significance of transaction costs and property rights for the institutional structure and functioning of the economy.” Coase is an unusual economist for the twentieth century, and a highly unusual Nobel Prize winner. First, his writings are sparse. In a sixty-year career he wrote only about a dozen significant papers—and very few insignificant ones. Second, he uses little or no mathematics, disdaining what he calls “blackboard economics.” Yet his impact on economics has been profound. That impact stems almost entirely from two of his articles, one published when he was twenty-seven and the other published twenty-three years later.
Coase conceived of the first article, “The Nature of the Firm,” while he was an undergraduate on a trip to the United States from his native Britain.

“The Problem of Social Cost,” Coase’s other widely cited article (661 citations between 1966 and 1980), was even more pathbreaking; indeed, it gave rise to the field called law and economics and his work was termed the "Coase theorem."

Anonymous said...

You guys gotta remember that Alaska is at least 10 years behind the rest of the country. The Last Frontier, where the thieves of the Natural Resources are all fast-talking, butt smooching, and sel-interest greedy men who know how to smooze the regulation sector to the detriment of the poor people in Rural Alaska who are mostly poor, and on welfare; ignorant, and illiterate because the Education System failed them, and who are WARDS of the UNITED STATES government because they are the Native of the state.

Poor People

Your Culture and Traditions

Are Being Traded

For Millions and Millons

Of Dollars



Bering Sea

Which Has Fed

Your People

For Thousands of Years

To help save the King Salmon of Western Alaska, get in touch with
the Congressional Committee that is reviewing this Magnuson-Stevens Act. Reverse the decision made in the 2006 Coast Guard rider and give the Pollock Fishery Community Development Quota program oversight and accountability to the poor people of Western Alaska to produce more salmon for their Parent Companies, LLCs, Non-Profit Corporations actually involved in For Profit Fishing Activies where billions and millions are being moved around by a handful of men killing off an aborigional tradition and culture of poor people who USE to live off salmon for a little bit of money and a whole lotta good food. Salmon Bycatch of the Pollock Fishery is killing off the hope of thousands of poor people in Western Alaska.

Anonymous said...

True 'nuff!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Uncle Sam for putting Don Young back on the radar with that Ethics Stuff. He is overseeing the committee that is conducting this Magnuson-Stevens Act. Tear apart the Coast Guard Rider of 2006. Think about the poor Natives who live in Western Alaska. Give the CDQ program back to each individual village so they can use the Salmon ByCatch oopsye funds to help them survive without a cultural and tradition food source - The Salmon Culture of Western Alaska can be revived with the millions and millions of dollars coming from the Bering Sea Pollock Fishery. This Act insures that. Make it work as it is suppose to.

Anonymous said...

Don, Don, Don

Stuck your foot

In your mouth


Anonymous said...

What do we call the Recource Hogs raping the sea and waters surrounding Alaska?

Slimelords, gutlovers, finheads, gillkings, shellcrushers, eggkillers, bonecrunchers, tailchunkers.......

What do we call the Regulators giving the Resources to a handful of Men in Alaska?


Anonymous said...

NPFMC meets in Anchorage

This Week

Data shows that

The Pollock Fishery

Killed off

The King Salmon

Of Western Alaska