Saturday, March 16, 2013

Crewman needs medevac after fall overboard

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter on Friday hoisted a hypothermic crewman off the 58-foot fishing vessel Stella in Shelikof Strait.

Earlier in the day, the 35-year-old crewman had fallen overboard.

He spent about 25 minutes without a survival suit in the 38-degree water before his fellow crewmen could bring him back aboard, the Coast Guard said.

"This crew did everything right to rescue this man and this is a perfect example of why vessel crews need to practice their emergency drills monthly," a Coast Guard spokesman said.

The crewman was flown to Kodiak for medical attention.

"Coast Guard personnel will investigate the cause of the man overboard," a press release said.


Anonymous said...

Actually he was also drowned and was revived by his crew mates with cpr.

Anonymous said...

Right on! That's what you learn at safety at sea classes, cold water near drowning victims can be revived. Don't give up the ship!