Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Is Congressman Young in trouble?

The House Committee on Ethics has opened an investigation into U.S. Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska.

The committee will look at "allegations that he, or persons acting on his behalf, improperly obtained, received, or accepted gifts, improperly used official resources or campaign funds for personal purposes, failed to report certain gifts on his annual Financial Disclosure Statements, and made false statements to federal officials."

Naturally, this is getting widespread attention. Here are links to a few news reports:

Anchorage Daily News
The Washington Post
The Washington Times


Anonymous said...

Corrupt Bastard for All Alaskans.

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is that Don keeps getting elected over and over again. There is a lack of judgement somewhere in the voter sector. The scary thought is that perhaps crookedness is a normal trait in Alaska and is considered ok by the majority of the people.

Watch your back; be careful of what you say; don't challenge the status quo; kiss the behinds of those more important than the rest of us................

Do we live in America or is the promise of Equality, Freedom, and Justice just A DREAM, an old, old DREAM!

Anonymous said...

you are free to go to bed and the politicians will tell you what to do. the only explanation here is we are so far down the wrong road only irrational things for the day are likely to get done.

Anonymous said...

He's a lying, cheating, smelly old bastard... but he's ours.

We sorely miss the real crooked old president of the Corrupt Bastards Club!

staufen said...

Don probably turned himself in on a minor caseload that he can control the evidence from, and have the US Attorney General bargain off against a Democrat's case at House Ethics (oxymoron drumroll please).

Both the Senate and House Ethics committees are broken. So expect nothing but disappointment. After all, they didn't get him on Coconut Road and other big cases. I am sure Don is laughing this off too - using contributor funds to pay lawyers off etc. A joke. Just like his handling of the Resources full committee oversight on MSA Reauthorization last week. Dogs and ponies, balloons and sparklers.

So sayeth the groundswell...

Anonymous said...

the alaskan electorate is much, much stupider than can be imagined! Voting Yon Dung into office again and again proves it.

Anonymous said...

"the alaskan electorate...."

The Get Out The Vote Wheels of Rural Alaska don't back up honest men because their lifestyle of living off the government dole would be in danger of being discontinued.

It's a mind-set that honest, ethical people have to challenge and stop in order for the rural Alaskans can work toward progressive prosperity for all.

People don't understand their roles as leaders. They use Bully Tactics to maintain control.

Anonymous said...

Coast Guard Rider to the Magnuson-Stevens Act of 2006 sponsored by Don Young gave the Western Alaska CDQ Program to a handful of men. That rider took away Federal and State oversight to millions and millions of dollars from the Pollock Fishery of the Bering Sea, which, ironically is destroying the Salmon Culture of the poor people in Western Alaska.

Then along comes the Regulators worried about the Aborigional People selling their smoked salmon to their friends and relatives for a little bit of cash to make-up for some of their expenses and time while the Pollock Fishery gets to kill off the prized King Salmon in the Sea as ByCatch because they can. Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

It's Oppression of the illiterate poor people of Western Alaska. A promise not fullfilled by the people who convinced Don Young to support such an outrageous idea in 2006.

What Congress decrees can be undone by Congress.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure has been accepting payments from Pebble Partnership.

Anonymous said...

Is Don Dipping

Is Don Slipping

Inquiring ethical

Alaskans have a

Right to Fair


Equal Representation

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Don calls the Native Leaders who are a collision course because they are too fine to speak to the real Natives. BS is hard to back up without facts.

Anonymous said...

Don Young will rely on Larry Cotter to bail him out. Pork roast yummy!

Anonymous said...

Trouble rolls off Don't back like water on a duck.

His sponsors will keep the cash flowing because they like him very, very much.