Friday, February 26, 2010

A victory for Adak Seafood

A federal judge has rejected Aleut Enterprise's effort to evict Adak Seafood from the processing plant on Adak Island.

In this 11-page ruling issued Thursday, U.S. District Judge John Sedwick of Anchorage held that disputes involving landlord, tenant and a bank with millions of dollars in loans tied up in the plant are too complex for a quick eviction.

The judge further held that because Adak Seafood might hold some equity in the plant because of past improvements, this also precludes eviction.

So, it appears if Aleut Enterprise truly wants to boot Adak Seafood out of the building, it'll have to prevail in a longer legal proceeding.

Brewster Jamieson, attorney for Adak Seafood, told Deckboss in an e-mail today:

"Adak Seafood is very pleased that Judge Sedwick was able, in very short order, to grasp the facts and legal theories and to disregard Aleut's latest attempt to destroy the economy of Adak. Adak Seafood now intends to get on with its business, and we hope that Aleut Enterprise will stop their illegal campaign of intentionally interfering with Adak Seafood."


Anonymous said...

Reading the just seems to me that the Judge said its a little more complex to rule in a case like this... they just shifted judges it looks like to me.

Adak Seafood is going down with or without a court win. You can only screw people so many times. I think the word often used is Karma. After screwing the entire island, the payback karma is going to be a beeyatch for Kjetil and his company!!!!

Linduh said...

What goes around, comes around.

Anonymous said...

The title of this head line should not be "A Victory for Adak Seafoods". The battle is not yet over. This is just only the beginning. Adak Seafoods might have a good intention on Adak but knowing that the same person (Kjetil) will be the one to run the business again. Forget it!
He was the one who destroyed the economy and screwing people so many times. Trust for Kjetil again? "HELL NO!"