Wednesday, February 17, 2010

State predicts smaller salmon catch this year

A poor year for pinks? Deckboss photo

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is forecasting a statewide commercial salmon catch this year of 138 million fish, or 15 percent fewer than the 162.5 million taken in 2009.

A big reason for the decrease is the expectation of a smaller pink salmon harvest, the department says.

Here's the full forecast.

For a quick regional overview, check out this one-pager.


Anonymous said...

Wonder how Ocean Beauty will justify screwing us on price if this is the case?

Anonymous said...

you will always get screwed on the price because OB and processors control Alaska seafood, except halibut and blackcod.
no matter how supply and demand effects prices, they ultimately win and you will NEVER see price increases trickle down to you. It would make fishermen too strong, independant and likely capable of seeking true buyers.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows why that "IS" anonymous.

UFA, "I vote Fish!"

The old secret code disguised for

"I vote Scab"

Too many fish,
Not enough fish,
Too many big fish,
Not enough small fish.
Too many employees,
Not enough employees,
Too many can's,
Not enough can's,
Too many brain cells,
Not enough braincells,

"I vote Fish?"

It's just a smaller pack, from back we there was such a thing as an,

Alaska Fishermens Union, traded in for the United Fishermen of Alaska,

I vote scab!