Friday, February 5, 2010

Board of Fisheries speaks on Pebble

Here's the state Board of Fisheries letter to the Alaska Legislature regarding the proposed Pebble mine and protections for the Bristol Bay watershed.

The board had signaled back in December the letter was coming.



PUCK FEBBLE!!! WE THE PEOPLE CANNOT EAT gold!! Or 1.5% of OUR gold!!!

Anonymous said...

How about a letter from the Board of Fish to the Alaska Legislature to protect the Yukon River and the Norton Sound/Bering Strait Salmon, King, Chum, Silvers and Reds! Why just Bristol Bay now. Because it's a bigger cash cow than the others, that's why.

Anonymous said...

Now if only the BOF would pull their heads out of their asses on Area M. What a dereliction of duty to keep things status quo.

Anonymous said...

Boy, have to agree on the BOF and how they handled things for Area M.
They had the chance to help a number of villages, show that they understand the difference between a mixed stock and a terminal fishery, help the Yukon/Norton Chums and finally do what is RIGHT.
GUESS the next move for villagers is to support ESA listing of Yukon and Norton Sound fish
That way EVERYONE can be a true terminal fishery.
We can then get Mr Commish to stop sitting on genetic studies that he KNOWS show they intercept BIG TIME.
Just plain sad to watch this last few days!!

Anonymous said...

The State needs a,
"Genetic Stock Composition"
on the Gene pool makeup of the BOF.

"Genetic Stock Contributions 2006-2008???

In Togiak, the 2008 harvest contributions to the mixtures ranged from 17.9% to 40.4% in different periods of 2008?????????????????????????

The gene pool composition of the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game's Board of Fisheries, has a well defined stock composition, created by to many years of inbreeding, and obvious problem in the hatcheries of the Board of Fish!

Anonymous said...

That would be 450,000 Kuskowkwim Bound Salmon, caught in '06-'08, in area T, Togiak?

Confusing subject matter in Anchorage, December 2009, but that what happens when you an inbread elected by the inbread the BOF!

Of course they were truly concerned about interception between the subdistricts of Area T after the many numerious inbreads showed up at their Anchorage headquarters.

Never intercept a Bristol Bay Fish, when you fish Bristol Bay, just intercept the Kuskokwim Model outside your management area?

Can we get another study, of why reading comprehension failure, is required to sit on the Board of Imbeciles?

Or was it the inbread that appointed this Board that's the problem?

Anonymous said...

well, I'd take that bread and make me a sandwich about why the BB guys (Robin) want to deep-six the wassip project.

But, that still doesn't let area m off the hook. That's just a smokescreen. Time to manage these fisheries for their own, local, stocks.


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