Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Silver Bay Seafoods acquires Orca Bay Foods

Here's a press release.


Anonymous said...

Probably a great move. Does anyone else wish they had bought into SBS when it was still "cheap"?

Anonymous said...

It's still "cheap" 5:57, how long you been fishing? Now they have a value added plant, so people too lazy to cook can light up the microwave. They even have microwaves on quite a few boats today, for fishermen who also can't cook. You ought to hear em bitch at those SBS board meetings, about tender groceries, and how they need some value added food for their microwave, because those confusing deck loads are too much trouble to spice up and cook. Now you can even cook a Orca Bay prepared dinner, off any SBS tender!

Anonymous said...

A great move if they can control what Orca does. Reprocessing can add to the bottom line or it can be an albatross.