Thursday, January 12, 2023

'An economic catastrophe'

In a court filing this week, the state of Alaska strenuously opposes a shutdown of troll Chinook fisheries, arguing it would be "an economic catastrophe for Southeast Alaska fishing towns for no reason."

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Travis Wilcox SE Alaska Troller said...

I have been following this story from the beginning and as I read it, the guy filing the lawsuit used to live/work in Alaska until someone did something he disagreed with. He then moved to the lower 48 and went to work for the company he filed the lawsuit through. Wish I could remember this cupcakes name? His lawsuit states Alaska trollers are over fishing the Kingsalmon stocks and that 97% of the kingsalmon I catch are from Canada and the lower 48? I would love to see how he came up with these numbers? Because they couldnt be further from the truth! This guy filing this lawsuit has a personal beef with someone in Alaska and he wants to take it out on the entire troll fleet? It shocks me that a judge would even take the case? Then again, its the 9th circuit court in Washington State! They seem to file lawsuits all based on personal feelings and not facts, in my opinion!
I have been a commercial fisherman in Alaska since 1995!