Thursday, May 26, 2022

Trident hit with disability claim

A Utah man is suing Trident Seafoods, saying he was wrongfully fired from his new job as chief engineer on the fishing vessel Dominator because of three missing fingers on his right hand.

We've asked Trident for comment on the federal lawsuit.


Deckboss said...

From Trident's Stefanie Moreland:

"Trident Seafoods can only provide limited comment due to pending litigation and personnel privacy. Trident believes the claims of discrimination are false. Personnel decisions were taken in the interest of the safety of the vessel and its crew. Trident has a long history of treating all employees with dignity and respect."

Anonymous said...

Any news on Trident moving to Unalaska?

Anonymous said...

The chief engineer is missing the point of his job.

Anonymous said...

Trident had three reasons to fire the guy.

ex fisherman said...

sounds like discrimination to me ,the guy was capable and proved it for 25 years Jenson would'nt give him a chance to prove it and then saying he could'nt stand to look at that hand across the galley table what would you call it?

Anonymous said...

This Engineer lost his fingers on the deck of a crab boat 25 years ago, he went right back to work and has been an outstanding engineer through out his career.
Trident cleared him for duty.
He was definitely discriminated against by this captain who said he couldn’t stand looking any his hand.