Wednesday, May 11, 2022

$131.8 million in disaster relief coming

Federal officials recently announced the allocation nationally of $144 million for fishery disaster relief.

Of the total, $131.8 million is coming to Alaska. Here's a rundown of the affected fisheries:

• 2019 Norton Sound red king crab fishery: $1,433,137

• 2020 Norton Sound, Yukon River, Kuskokwim River, Chignik, and Southeast Alaska salmon fisheries, and 2021 Yukon River salmon fishery: $55,928,849

• 2018 Upper Cook Inlet eastside setnet and 2020 Upper Cook Inlet salmon fisheries: $9,404,672

• 2018 and 2020 Copper River and Prince William Sound salmon fisheries: $34,326,265

• 2019-20 Eastern Bering Sea Tanner crab fishery: $12,935,199

• 2020 Gulf of Alaska Pacific cod fishery: $17,772,540

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game says it will develop spend plans for the funding.

In the past, fishery disaster spend plans have provided funds for research, and for direct payments to fishermen, processors, communities, and others.

When will the money be distributed? Probably no time soon, if past experience is any guide.

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Anonymous said...

The federal disaster money will be appreciated, but it is a Band-Aid to a much larger issue. Many of the fishery disasters were the result of mismanagement at the federal level. Alaskan fishermen and taxpayers would be better served if NMFS, NOAA and NPFMC took an honest look at their past decisions.