Thursday, March 15, 2018

IPHC nominees

The National Marine Fisheries Service has announced the nominees for two U.S. seats on the International Pacific Halibut Commission.

Here's the list:

Linda Behnken (current member)
Bob Alverson (current member)
Stephen Joner
Richard Yamada
Andy Mezirow
Duane Edelman

"Nominees will be vetted by the Department of Commerce and Department of State and forwarded to the Office of the President for consideration for presidential appointments," NMFS said.


Anonymous said...

Seeming as to what happened , or did not happen ,at the IPHC Annual Meeting for the first time since 1923- The current members should be Keel- hauled and left behind the boat.

Unknown said...

Dysfunction is not what we like to see from our regulatory body. However, I have no problem with our representatives not accepting double digit quota cuts when the 2c and 3a biomass appears to be booming.

Anonymous said...

"Appears" to be booming - that's the key word.

Talk to the biologists and listen to the IPHC stock assessment.

When the current "booming" fish are caught or die, there's nothing behind them.

Do we pound the crap out of the few remaining seed stock? I suppose you would if your an old dude ready to retire - make it while you can. But if your not, then its time to suck it up.

Unknown said...

Well aware of low recruitment on the stock assessment and I’m no biologist but I’ve hauled a lot of hooks. Very curious for this years stock assessment