Thursday, March 15, 2018

Calling for cod help

The state has sent a letter requesting a federal disaster declaration for the 2018 Pacific cod fishery in the Gulf of Alaska.


Anonymous said...

Those poor pot cod guys that put in between 1 and 3 million pounds must be struggling.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't in the Gulf, bro

The Gulf was trashed.

In the Bering Sea, with a March 1 closure, the U60 fleet did OK

But the Bering Sea Quota was wrongfully cut.
There are more cod in the Bering Sea now than at any time since around 2014.

And why shouldn't we catch them with 85% state owned and operated U60 boats
In state waters.

In Federal waters for that matter.

The interests in protecting KIng Salmon and Halibut stocks from destructive Bering Sea fishing practices will militate, propogate and eventually litigate the draggers and factory freezer longliners into turning as much as humanly possibly into pot cod fishing with zero to no bycatch.

Currently there are more Taku and Stikine King salmon being caught in the Bering Sea dirty fisheries than in the entire harvest range of legal harvest of those kings.

And for years the halibut bycatch in the Bering Sea has exceeded the total numbers of halibut harvested state wide for sport personal use subsistenve and commercial

It's about fricking time we started to get serious about pot cod replacement of trawl cod, and factory freezer longline cod.


Or Greenpeace will come along and do it for you.