Sunday, March 4, 2018

Election season for Bristol Bay drifters

The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association has a board election coming up, and several fishermen are competing for two seats.

Seat B — Alaska resident

Bronson Brito, F/V Sea Breeze
Tim Cook, F/V Dead Red
Matthew Hakala, F/V Jenny M
Abe Williams, F/V Crimson Fury (incumbent)

Seat E — Non-Alaska resident

Warren "Buck" Gibbons, F/V West Point (incumbent)
Michael "MJ" Jackson, F/V Kelley J

Candidate statements are posted here.

The BBRSDA represents Bristol Bay driftnet fishermen. They pay a tax on their salmon catches to fund the organization.

Mail ballots from permit holders will be counted after April 13.


Anonymous said...

Ya! Let's get rid of the RSDA. Who needs them when we have AIFMA. Judging by how long they have had only one president, I'm curious if they even hold elections.

Anonymous said...

Feels like Deckboss is trolling the Bristol Bay guys with constant posts on the BBRSDA.

Anonymous said...

11:35am The only trollers on this site drag hooks through the water. You wish bristol bay was that big of a deal! However it's just a bunch of goats trying to rope something, or more commonly known as a goat rope.

Anonymous said...

Organizations like this tend to perpetuate themselves, no matter how ineffective they have become. In addition to the candidates on the ballot, there should also be a vote for or against disbanding the BBRSDA. Absolutely no reason not to put the question on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

The processors sure love the "Quality" they receive with every load of Cold, Floating and Bled Sockeye we deliver. They set the price and we have to take what ever they collude to give us. It is time to be able to negotiate price before we fish. I understand that the BBRSDA can't lobby for us. If I new that when we agreed to form this organization I would have voted "NO". I would like to see another vote, to disband and put the 1% to better use.

Anonymous said...

Why is it such a big deal to you that a price is posted before we fish? Will it really make you happy if your processor posts a conservative price like 80 cents, only to go through the same process we do each year with adjustments and profit sharing? Or, is it just an opportunity for you to suggest a strike? I've been a commercial fisherman for over 40 years. Yes, in some fisheries a price is posted. Ground fish like crab, pollock, cod and halibut are examples. It's never made a bit of difference for salmon in the past nor will it in the future. If you want to stand down because there's no posted price be my guest. AIFMA tried to act as the big negotiator in the past. They accomplished nothing. No organization will negotiate for me. I'm a partner with my processor. I will never allow someone else to negotiate in my behalf.

Anonymous said...

We need to go on strike and get rid of the BBRSDA!
Let's sit on the beach and do nothing!

Anonymous said...

I have sent a request to Mike Navvare to have a vote to disband BBRSDA