Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Fields appointed to Board of Fisheries

The governor has appointed Duncan Fields, of Kodiak, to the Alaska Board of Fisheries.

Fields has long been involved in fish politics and policy. He formerly served on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.

The governor also has reappointed Orville Huntington, of Huslia, to the board.

Both appointments are subject to legislative confirmation.


Anonymous said...

Duncan is extremely knowledgeable, a genuine populist who deeply cares, and a fine gentleman. Those who approach him and testify before him will be sincerely heard.

Dear Governor, there’s many things we don’t agree upon, but this pick is one that we do.

Anonymous said...

Duncan Fields is all for Kodiak and the heck w/everyone else.

Ernie Weiss said...

Both Duncan Fields and Orville Huntington are fair, objective men, experienced in fisheries management, doing right by fishermen & fishing communities.

Anonymous said...

Bob Penney had his way again.
Grand Slam
Well Done.
Spanked Duncans hindy.

But not without a lot of stupid commfish help.

Commercial fishermen are weak divided pukes.

And wanna be Governor Peter Michichie from KENAI, Mr 'lets all commfish people get along.... totally opposed Fields and made abundantly clear he would block his vote.

As did UFA Prez Jerry McCune in the last election, and didn't come up with a UFA push until it was way way way too late.

Mayvbe that's Penneys new hire. Jerry needs a job.

Duncan Fields is a great Alaskan and was f...ed over by his own people.