Thursday, November 9, 2017

UFA's new skipper

United Fishermen of Alaska has hired Frances Leach as its executive director, effective Jan. 5.

Leach, a Juneau resident, was raised in a commercial fishing family in Ketchikan, says this UFA press release.


Anonymous said...

Do~na Francesca.
We call her that because she's a class act.
A smart lady with fishing in her heritage. A good choice. Maybe too good...hope she can stand the political bs.

Anonymous said...

UFA members have varied interests. Sometimes this can be overwhelming for those who try to help lead the organization. The problem as always is to maintain a progressive course, informing the public and our elected leaders of the direction the commercial fishing industry believes is best.
The new director may have to learn how to maintain a tight net around the membership and membership groups. We all know that fishermen tend to 'eat their own'.

Anonymous said...

If you maintain a "progressive" course all fisheries will be subsidized and regulated by the federal government, any hope for young fishermen to enter super exclusive fisheries will be dashed, unless you were born into a fishing family.
UFA needs to promote free markets and non-government run programs to encourage young men and women to enter our fisheries.
Fishing is an industry that can easily support living wage "Blue" jobs for those who wish to work hard and push for increased product quality.
If the "progressive" course is continued further stratification will continue.

Anonymous said...

To 9:08: Agreed. Most heartily.

But our problem is, the present course satisfies those who dominate the UFA Board. There are no young, up-and-coming truly progressive young men and women on there. Consequently, we end up with policies and political lobbying that protects and even enhances the powers-that-be; the elite; the well-financed; the dynasties.

None of this is surprising. People of all walks rarely do anything other than look out for their own self-interests. UFA Board members are no different. Their efforts to benefit the "fishing industry" are just veiled in "what's in it for me". As a starting point, we need to recognize the UFA politicking it for what it is.