Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Juneau man appointed to entry commission

Here's the press release.

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Anonymous said...

The Fate of our fishermen rests in his hands (sorry, I couldn't resist).

But listen: according to the current commissioners, if he's not careful:

1) The IRS will come and take all our permits (even though they can't)

2) The Supreme Court will overturn limited entry, and bring us back to the dark ages of the late 1960's (but at least the IRS won't come for our permits - they will be worth nothing)

3) All of the many fisheries that need to be limited will be closed (even though ADFG says they can manage them under open access)

4) Your thermal-marked permit card will be the bee's knees and save the State millions (but it won't function at your processor's plant or on the tenders because it wasn't adequately tested or developed)

5) The permit adjudications won't be finished in until December 2017 (or 2018, or 2019, or...)

6) The $130,000 commissioner salary will be reduced to a per diem payment, to be paid for days actually worked (which means the Receptionist will make more than the commissioners)