Thursday, November 9, 2017

CFEC upheaval

The Alaska Dispatch News yesterday published an important story regarding the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission.


Anonymous said...

The 3 employees who resigned were the Licensing section leader, the assistant Licensing section leader, and a Licensing permit clerk. They all resigned over a ten day period, and all for the same reasons.

Watch closely: more resignations will soon follow. Prior to this exodus, several other CFEC employees have similarly departed. The place has imploded and is down to a skeleton crew.

These are not warm-body jobs. There are no competent people who can make up for the loss. Whomever they drag in as replacements will need years of their own experience to come up to speed. Good luck in the meantime.

Why and how did this happen? Read the two CFEC audits. The agency dysfunction is laid out very well in each.

Anonymous said...

This whole situation cracks me up! I worked there years ago and honestly thought the two current commissioners were using the Commission as there personal check book to keep their friends employed. Honestly the place is a joke. Look at the IT budget for the last 12 years. Guaranteed not a word or punctuation has changed. The licensing section is the cash cow and we were treated like last years trash. Good luck to the people trying to keep the place afloat! I don't see them keeping up but do see them giving up!

Anonymous said...

Well this isn't good mews! I was wondering where my renewal form is, seems to be very late this year! The service is already bad, I was on hold for 20+ minutes the other day, tried to call the Project Leader she is always 100% on...then I find out she resigned along with 2 of her staff. Why hasn't someone done something about this! We need to get ahold of her we need her back the service she provided along with her team was always 100 %. I read the audits why would no one take care of the poor management and now us fishermen lose our excellent service, who will get the work done! Does anyone know how to get ahold of Yvonne? I guess all us fishermen need to reach out to our legislators and the governor and demand the Licensing ladies come back and the mis-management be gone with! Ben Brown resigned after the Licensing staff resigned I smell trouble something is fishy! If us fishermen are going to make it this year apparently we need BIG change, oust Bruce Twomley and the part time "acting" executive director and bring in new leadership!