Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Trident's warning

A recent federal summary of enforcement actions for the first half of 2017 said a written warning was issued to Trident Seafoods.

Deckboss obtained a copy of the written warning through a Freedom of Information Act request. Read it here.


Anonymous said...

Jeezus, Plesha is STILL working for Bundrant?

Anonymous said...

What did Trident actually do? If they violated the law and the violations are penalized why only a written warning? Gaming the observer systems seems like something NOAA would go after hard. Think of all the cost and effort that has gone into the observer system, and Trident can game it without any significant penalty.

The only explanation is that NOAA is getting pushed around by Trident, which is really disappointing. Part of it could be that NOAA can't afford to fight a dispute while Trident has the cash to litigate. More likely is that NOAA is just another spineless federal agency that are so afraid of loosing they hardly go after violations with the big guys. On the other hand Joe fisherman delivers undersized fish they get fined 100% of the time.

One consequence is that this will be used as an example in future NPFMC meetings to beat up on the trawlers. They have been saying they don't cheat for years, and now they will have this as a counter example. The funny thing is that the only people who will suffer is the council members. They will get pushed around by Trident to pass rules in their favor. Despite the embarrassing fact that the council knows they cheat.