Thursday, May 19, 2016

Death aboard factory trawler reported

Deckboss is looking into a report of a death last Saturday aboard the Seattle-based factory trawler Starbound.

So far, we've been unable to obtain an official account of what happened.


Unknown said...

Unfortunately the young man was only 19 years old with big dreams of being an Alaskan fisherman. His accidental but tragic death is a testament of the dangers these young brave souls endure on a daily basis. His lost is still very hard to believe and the shock of it's reality is so unbearable, creating endless pain in the hearts of so many. A beautiful soul inside and out, gone way to soon. RIP with all our love.

Anonymous said...

He was a beacon of light. His smile will always be eith me. With this horrible accident shows how dangerous this profession is st sea or port. I have the most respect for esch and everyone who is in yhe industry. Stay safe.