Monday, May 23, 2016

Starbound victim identified

The crewman who died on the factory trawler Starbound was 19-year-old Daniel Christensen, the King County Medical Examiner's Office said.

The office released these findings:

Cause of death: electrocution
Manner of death: accident

The Seattle Police Department provided the following narrative from the incident report. Names were redacted (deleted), per department policy.

SPD GO 2016-169297

On 05/15/2016, I was assigned as 3B3 as a uniformed Officer. At approximately 0102 hours, I responded to a DOA at 1441 N Northlake Wy.

Upon arrival, SFD (Seattle Fire Department) led Sgt Harris and myself onto a large ship and down into the lower section of the boat. SFD said that the Deceased, ______, had been accidentally electricuted in a large commercial electrical panel.

I investigated the scene and there were no signs to suggest that ______'s death was not accidental. I photographed the scene and I later uploaded the pictures into DEMS.

I then contacted the Worker who discovered ______'s body, ______. ______ stated that ______ arrived on the ship for work at approximately 1745 hours. ______ said that when ______ was not seen around 0000 hours for lunch, the workers all began to search the ship for him. ______ told me that he discovered ______'s body around 0045 hours, slumped down inside of a commercial electrical panel.

I called the Medical Examiner, ______, who arrived at approximately 0307 hours. ______ photographed and investigated the scene. I then requested that SFD respond to assist in extracting ______'s body up out of the ship.


Anonymous said...

Why is this relevant? There is news out there, like what the catch and price was for the second opening for PWS. Or how about the news that Copper River Seafoods is buying Snug Harbor Seafoods. Or how about the news that Great Pacific shut down all operations in Alaska. Look I'm sorry the guy is dead, but if this blog is about Alaska fisheries then there is a problem here.

Anonymous said...

sounds like your a KNOWITALL and you already know the news !!!! A man died on a fishing boat have a heart!

Anonymous said...

7:18 PM,

Just start your own blog and then everything you feel is important will get posted...

BTW, the Starbound and the men that work on it are strongly imbedded in the Alaskan fishing industry.

Anonymous said...

This "kid" you don't want to hear about is my cousin and you would be lucky to meet him he had the biggest heart and that warmest hugs before his death he got himself his dream car he paid for with his paycheck from this boat and he got an apartment with his girlfriend his life was begging and it's important to post this information about his death because it happened on the boat and I know he wouldn't go into the paneling he was smarter than that and if you need to know my cousin and I are family of the owners of Starbound or whatever and this was the most tragic thing to happen he was young and a happy person I miss him everyday