Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lawsuit challenges CFEC dismantling

Here's a lawsuit seeking to block implementation of Gov. Bill Walker's recent administrative order transferring key functions of the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission to the Department of Fish and Game.

The plaintiffs are Bob Thorstenson Jr., a commercial fisherman and lobbyist, and United Fishermen of Alaska.

The lawsuit contends the administrative order is unconstitutional and unlawfully sidesteps the Alaska Legislature.

Juneau attorney Bruce Weyhrauch, representing Thorstenson and UFA, is himself a former state legislator.

Naturally, the state is asking the court to dismiss the lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if during the lawsuit they will take into consideration Alaska Legislative legal Doug Gardner's opinion that states the administrative order is illegal in the way it was executed and the actions it requires are also illegal. Its probably better that CFEC not get folded into ADF&G or they will double our permit fees.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the Admin Order was prompted by the primary finding of a legislative audit, which states:

"The Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission's organizational structure is no longer operationally efficient or effective. Deficiencies are based on three key issues: commissioner's adjudicative workloads no longer support full-time positions; commissioner's ineffective management of day-to-day operations; and a legacy licensing system which contributes to inefficient work flow."

Anonymous said...

Great, BBT at it again. Welcome to the new world, Bob. The new boss ain't the same as the old boss.

Mark Ervice

Anonymous said...

And the new Boss also knows that "Honest Services" at the CFEC have also confused BT and the UFA for decades. Read the Audit.

The next question would be related to why, anyone with a 6th grade education, would join the UFA.

Legislative Audit # 11-30081-15.