Sunday, May 15, 2016

AIFMA rebrands

Deckboss received the following announcement on Friday from the organization formerly known as AIFMA, the Alaska Independent Fishermen's Marketing Association:

Introducing the Bristol Bay Fishermen's Association

We are pleased to announce that after fifty years AIFMA has changed its name to the Bristol Bay Fishermen's Association (BBFA). The new name more accurately describes who we are, where we fish, and the fact that we are organized.

We are glad to make the change and are looking forward to addressing key issues for our membership in the coming years.

BBFA Board Members

David Harsila, President
Matt Hakala, Vice President
Bob Bonanno, Secretary Treasurer
Matt Hakala
Bruce Jolma
Fred Marinkovich
Darryl Pope
Everett Thompson
George Wilson

Bristol Bay Fishermen's Association (formerly AIFMA)
P.O. Box 60131
Seattle, WA 98160
206-542-3930 (under construction)

Representing the interests of Bristol Bay, Alaska salmon fishermen since 1966.


Anonymous said...

Wes 22,498 reds and 1,300 kings caught on Copper River first opener, and woow what a price $6.50 per lb for reds and 9.50 a lb for Kings

Anonymous said...

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Anonymous said...

Yes, high ex-vessel value 1st Copper River opener, though total pounds harvested, around 110,000 lb, divide by 475 boats. $1,500-2,000 average delivery ,minus fuel $500, not a big payday. Once we put in a decent opener, price will take a dive.
Processors bid up price, due to large pre-season orders, could only fill 25% of oders.
Buzz will die off, when main run shows up.

Anonymous said...

With the new & improved BBFA, it would be a real spectacle, to not only understand their approach to negotiating fish prices in Bristol Bay, but to watch them in action.

With less than 10% of the drift community as members, and absolutely zero standing in the eyes of the processing community, I wonder if they could even get their phone calls returned, let alone a meeting.

If they are serious about leading the Bristol Bay drift fleet to another level, they will first of all recognize that they need to change their leadership. Otherwise, they will dog-paddle in the deep end of the pool politically, while other's free-style to & fro.

It's miraculous that they don't see this; that they need to be reminded of this. To be effective, you have to do more than write a letter now and then, or show up at a meeting, where you claim that your representing.

It is shameful that they would represent themselves as influential . It's obvious however, that they have no shame.

Anonymous said...

Harsela's never had any shame.

"In the beginning, it had other boats that were not from Bristol Bay," he said. "But in more recent years, it's solely Bristol Bay."

It's tough to be influential with 89 permits in the drainage.

Anonymous said...

READ Sam Cotten, page 5. For $3 dollars and other valuable considerations, I could get my 6th grader to teach 3rd grade math for a day, to our BBFA members. AIFMA Leader, follow the looser.

Dear Mr. Sabo...

""Currently there are 2,838 registered Bristol Bay salmon limited entry permit holders. The list of petitions you provided contains 1,175 names of which 426 are registered Bristol Bay salmon limited entry permit holders. This does not meet the "one-third of the registered commercial fishermen for that area" standard as required under AS 16.10.280..."

Sam Cotten

Anonymous said...

Wow, 7:49 p.m., you obviously don't think that fishermen in Bristol Bay should be organized. You could be anyone, even a processor or a miner.

Anonymous said...

Before this story slides off the radar, please note that this AIFMA "re-branding" is "lipstick on the pig" and nothing more.

They have had numerous opportunities to articulate their new vision - along with the re-branding - and they have not. It's as if they take us for a bunch of unwitting rubes.

If you ask me, that is what they are.

Anonymous said...

I dig it.

Say what you want about aifma, David or whomever there is one super cool move here and usually that reflects a changed attitude and direction.

Good name change.

Bristol Bay is one of our primary industry drivers and it's always good to see folks perking up and bellying up to the table.