Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Highliners announced

National Fisherman magazine has named its 2013 Highliner Award winners from the West Coast and Alaska.

• Robert Heyano, of Dillingham, a Bristol Bay salmon fisherman
• Robert Hezel, of Clinton, Wash., captain of the trawler U.S. Intrepid
• Jerry McCune, of Cordova, president of United Fishermen of Alaska

The three will be featured in the magazine's December issue.


Anonymous said...

Hunh? Kind of like the participation trophies they hand out at little league nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Must be, cuz I know one of these guys and he is in no way shape or form a highliner in any sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

Jerry McCune has dedicated his life to commercial fishermen's causes around the state. He is very deserving of this award.

Anonymous said...

I have worked with one of these guys, Jerry McCune, and he is certainly deserving even though I have disagreed with many of his positions over the years. I see that he just took over as President of UFA, a tough and mostly thankless task. Another sign of his dedication to putting Alaskan Fishermen before his personal interests.
Thank you National Fisherman for recognizing this dedicated Alaskan fisherman.

I don't know the Robert's that well or I would comment.

Eric Jordan

Anonymous said...

Editorial correction:

The National Processor magazine.


Anonymous said...

The National Fisherman Highliner Award is given to those who uphold a standard of excellence in their advocacy of the fishing industry. I know Robert Heyano well. He most certainly deserves this award.

Anonymous said...

signed, Mom

Anonymous said...

Jamie Ross
Arne Fuglvog
Hold the applause

Tough crowd you're in now Jerry and Robert