Friday, October 11, 2013

A banner salmon season

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has tallied the numbers on this year's commercial salmon season, and they are impressive.

Powered by a record pink salmon harvest of 219 million fish, this year's harvest ranks as the second most valuable on record. At $691.1 million, 2013 is only exceeded by the 1988 harvest value of $724 million. In addition to setting a record for pink salmon, the total number of salmon harvested also set a new record at 272 million fish.

Read much more here. And here's a chart with figures by region.


Anonymous said...

1988 was the only year pink salmon was $1 per lb

Anonymous said...

I'm not sayin' this wasn't a good year for the humpy seiners, but for the love of god, don't compare the 1980's to 2013 without the CPI adjustment.

Anonymous said...

And sockeyes were 3.50

Chums were 1.25-1.50

Farmed salmon had less than 50% of world supply in 1988

And more relevant, perhaps, Russia was still behind the iron curtain and had not cut off 2/3 of our pink salmon markets

Actually we only got .91 in 88 from the majors
But Blakey and some cash buyers were over a buck, as you correctly shared


Anonymous said...

The Department should not be putting out Estimated prices for the fishing areas, this is not accurate data and it gives a false fish price because many area are given price adjustments throughout the fishing season. I see by the recent data sheet, that many areas the price listed is not reflecting these in season price adjustments; therefore Fish and Game should either wait until they have all information before publishing or do nothing at all

Anonymous said...

What is the chum price in Puget Sound this fall?