Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Can Antideficiency Act save crab fishery?

In a letter to Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, three Republican members of Congress argue Alaska's lucrative red king crab fishery can and should open on time Oct. 15, despite the partial government shutdown.


Anonymous said...

what hipochricy!first the republican party forces a shutdown of our government then has the audacity to act like the white knight in shining armor to the rescue.lisa you would not have to be writing this letter if your party could get it's act together in congress in the first place!my fear is that good people like yourself are being led down this tea bag craze simply because they act and look like you, white?if this were blacks or hispanics and other minoritys doing the same action of the teabaggers in congress,it would have been stopped a long time befor any government shutdown also most of the people would have come under justice department scrutiny,which should happen to the teabaggers in congress for there ties to right wing militia groups!most all of their actions they have taken against president obama since his election come right out of the right wing militia play book!

Anonymous said...

Oh good, its you again 4:28PM. Someone get this man some meds STAT!

Why is no one asking the question as to why the Feds wait so long to issue the IFQ's for the crab fleet?

Longline IFQ's are determined at least 2 months before the season starts.

Could it be that the feds were anticipating a shutdown and thus dragged their feet to affect the little guy?

Seems strange that they would manage the largest crab fishery in the world and issue IFQ's just days before the start of the season.

Anyone know if this is the normal way they manage the Bering Sea fishery?

Anonymous said...

This is the way Alaska manages fisheries, an they have been this poor at it for decades. ADF&G wait til the last possible second to release the quotas to make sure as many boats as they can make go , go! Lets all take this time to thank ADF&G for mismanaging this fishery so badly that the FED had to come in and rationalize it for us. Thank you Alaska for another favor.