Monday, November 4, 2013

Bits and pieces

Here's a news roundup, including some slightly dated items Deckboss wasn't able to post right away.

• Halibut season closes at noon Thursday.

• At its October meeting, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council re-elected Eric Olson as chairman. Olson works for Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association, a Community Development Quota group.

• State biologists see potential for another enormous herring haul next spring at Togiak. The forecast calls for an allowable harvest of 27,890 tons in the sac roe fishery. The industry took 28,793 tons last season.

• Gov. Sean Parnell has made some Pacific Salmon Commission nominations. Details in this press release.

• A new annual report is out on U.S. commercial and recreational fisheries. As you might expect, the report is replete with Alaska references. Here's one interesting note on salmon:

The average price per pound for all species in Alaska was 72 cents in 2012 — a decrease of 5 cents from 2011.


Anonymous said...

Are the state biologists still using the same "forecast" methodology that led to the very wrong forecast of an "enormous" herring haul in Southeast over the past few years?

Anonymous said...

It's so odd that NMFS doesn't use direct ADFG salmon harvest/$ figures. The average price/lb, as indicated by ADFG numbers from their website, was $0.87 ($574.084M vs 659.33 million pounds) in 2012 and $0.83 in 2011. And these figures include cost recovery harvests.