Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Something old, something new

While in Seattle last week for Pacific Marine Expo, Deckboss naturally took time to go check out the boats at Fishermen's Terminal in Ballard.

Above is the Blue North, a 174-foot cod freezer longliner built in 1945.

At right is the Optimus, a gleaming new combination boat.


Anonymous said...

The Blue North, retired as too expensive to rebuild to meet current Coast Guard requirements (ACSA).

Anonymous said...

Optimus obviously sends a message. It is a bet tho, on the come. The big seasons have already been had. Good luck to all who fish her.

Anonymous said...

I see squid lights! It appears to me the Optimus will do whatever it takes.

Anonymous said...

Exquisite piece of machinery JB, she'll come in handy on non limit years! Beautiful boat.