Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UFA's internal debate

United Fishermen of Alaska, the state's top commercial fishing group, has been looking since July for a new executive director.

Naturally, we're all wondering how the search is going.

Deckboss can provide a little insight in the form of a "confidential" email that came his way today. The email is "inside baseball," to some degree, but I expect most readers can follow it. So here it is:

Subject: UFA Exective Director selection process and list of applicants--draft memo
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 10:39:31 -0800
From: Roland Maw
To: Undisclosed Recipients


UFA Board:

We have received the ED selection process memorandum and the list of candidates and I wish to make a few comments on the process. In particular, one of the candidates and her relationship with some of the EC members who will be involved in making EC recommendations to the full Board. First of all, I would recommend that no less than three candidates names be forwarded to the full Board, and that the final selection require a two thirds majority vote of approval.

In terms of applicants, my particular concern is with Julianne Curry, with whom I have professional experiences and observations at the NPFMC relative to the Salmon FMP issue. It is not about Julianne as a person, and it is not about personal issues, instead, it is about her history with fishery policy agendas, how she has pursued them and her professional relationships with UFA groups. I am concerned only about this matter in regard to what is best for UFA as a professional organization. Questions often arise as to how Julianne, with her narrow focus on fisheries issues, lack of willingness to listen to opposing points of view and unwillingness to compromise, can fairly represent the diverse issues of UFA as a statewide commercial fishery organization.

Concerns occur on a regular basis at the NPFMC Advisory Panel (AP) regarding her involvement with the "Super 8," otherwise known as "the Angry 8," on the AP. This group, comprised of two UFA voting member group reps, PVOA and ALFA, routinely votes as a minority block on the AP and develops lengthy minority opinions, both of which are the subject of controversy. Other notable groups represented in the “Angry 8” are: AMCC, the Gulf of Alaska Coastal Communities Coalition (GOAC3) and the Yukon River Drainage Fisheries Development Association (YRDFA). The “Angry 8” group has been a subject of discussion at the AP of the NPFMC for almost a year, resulting in the Chairman of the NPFMC delivering a warning to the AP, through the Chair of the AP, about this issue. The “Angry 8” group unnecessarily takes on issues outside their respective geographic areas, and, in so doing, they injure other UFA member groups. In the case of Cook Inlet, Julianne spoke in favor of the revision to the Salmon FMP against the interests of UCIDA. In the light of these activities, how can she fairly represent member groups as the ED of UFA?

This issue needs to come to light in this selection process and needs to be known to the full Board. There are numerous salmon-based organizations who are not involved in the Council process and are unaware of this organized political activity at the Council. The subject of the "Angry 8" has also become a subject of interest with at least one member of the press. The voting record of the "Angry 8" is a matter of record in the Council minutes. This issue remains an ongoing subject of discussion within the EC of the NPFMC.

Julianne began telling people at the UFA February 2012 winter Board meeting in Juneau that she was going to apply for the UFA ED position in the fall when it was announced. She also announced that she would be resigning from PVOA. Since then, she has made no effort to communicate with any of the group representatives to discuss her plans and goals, if she is to be selected and to tell us how she can fairly represent our diverse interests.


Anonymous said...

As a UFA member, I would appreciate a narrow view. People put a lot of importance on an ED's position. As an employee of the board, I am sure that Julieann would represent the organization as expected. If she doesn't, she won't be there long. Who else has made themselves available for the job?

Anonymous said...

Have we not had enough of Petersburg already? With all the bad publicity coming from the community ranging from criminal charges against a high official, fishing violations incurred from a large number of fishers, a commissioner that seems to always be the subject of bad publicity, a BOF member who is almost totally ineffective in protecting our interests, and more, it seems to me that we can protect our interests in a better way by looking elsewhere for our leadership. I have seen Ms Curry in two BOF meetings and she seems to be unwilling to accept compromise and instead of moving on from a defeat of her position, pouts. Yes, pouts. Before we pick our new ED check with those who have seen her in action. She can be very charming , but that is so transparent and lasts only so long as she gets her way. She may have done a workmanlike job at PVOA, but that is a boutique organization that frequently has a narrow agenda and does not speak for the UFA community.

Anonymous said...

You are like a bunch to mean spirited old women.
Ms. Curry is one of the sharpest young leaders in the fishing industry. You should be glad to even have her resume considering UFA's track record of internal fighting and weak political moves

Anonymous said...

Typical backstabbing move by Roland Maw. Thanks for putting it on public display.

Anonymous said...

Roland seems to be explaining how Julianne has represented PVOA's interests well on the AP. When those interests weren't the same as UCIDA Roland sees this as a problem. Sounds more like she did her job really well and UFA would be lucky to have her representing them.

Anonymous said...

Julianne reminds me of $arah Paylin - a charming front that hides a vicious, uncompromising bent. J believes she is a 'given' for the UFA position which is why she quit PVOA. I agree that we have enought Petersburg baggage in fish politics.

I vote no to Ms Pouts Alot

Anonymous said...

shouldn't we strive to hire an ED that we can pretty much ALL agree upon. surely there is someone who is not so polarizing. Ms Curry certainly has her good points, but all it takes is the slightest discussion or blogging to discover that she is either very well liked or totally disliked. I am not saying good or bad about her, just pointing out that we should strive for a person who is not controversial. The last thing our organization needs is a person who starts out with many not respecting the choice. I do NOT like Maw's approach. He tried to do it in an underhanded way by a confidential email. Come out of your hole Roland and man up. If you have something to say, say it to everyone including Ms Curry.

Anonymous said...

This is not from Roland Maw. Roland knows who wrote this email. Call him and ask.

Anonymous said...

Julianne is one of the brightest young women in the commercial fishing industry. She fishes, she knows fish politics and moreover, she cares deeply about the long-term stability of Alaska fisheries.

If she were a man, everyone would be celebrating her strength and integrity.

Anonymous said...

Of course it wasn't written by Roland Maw. It was written by his evil twin, Dr. Bear Paw.

Anonymous said...

I'm not from P-burg or cook Inlet. Not a UFA member either. "Why do the chickens keep voting for Colonel Sanders" Who gives a shit who runs UFA? It's just a wolf in sheep's clothing anyway.

My only interaction with Ms Curry was she didn't have the time of day for me.

That said, what is interesting to me is the NPFMC/AP no dissent stuff.

If possible step back and see the Council system as a bunch of lobbyists(read Jack Abramhoffs) setting policy. And the writer claims there is a problem with minority opinions???

The NPFMC gets away with murder, they should be grateful for any minority opinions instead of pitchforks and torches.

staufen said...

You don't choose for leadership someone (JC) who sits in a federal decision-making AP chair -- and goes far out of her way for a faction (& behaves like an overactive school girl excited for her favorite for homecoming queen) -- to violate the Hatch Act by pushing US Senate campaign buttons on fellow AP members and the public. One who then refused to grasp the inappropriateness and to take off the political display, when informed by the public that it was a violation of federal law to wear the buttons while making federal fish decisions. She was not alone in that unethical and illegal act. The matter/case is still open at the Office of Special Counsel, Washington DC.

The AP is a participation spot and learning ground, but one should not have to be schooled past the age of 18 in what is wrong about partisanship and showing faction power in a public forum. AP members are there to learn how to treat all parties, the public included foremost, fairly.

["Roland" - hope you are aware that only recently has the minority group been expanded to the 8 - and it doesn't help to label AMCC and others as angry. Please remember these are the types of labels also too often assigned to diminish truth tellers.] I too have doubts Mr. Maw wrote it.

Groundswell Fisheries Movement

Anonymous said...

So I'm not from Persberg, but I AM a small boat operator with plenty of UFA needs - help in the state's fisheries, and with those politics!

Though JCs nice enough, she's not sophisticated at the Council - her cute jokes arent cute to us out freezing on the water while theres less (and smaller!) fish to go around.

If this AP thing is even a little true, I dont know how to expect her to be fair to all the UFA members. she certainly didn't have a time of day for my guys last time.

We need a person in there to help all of us, not just some of us!! Sorry JC!

Anonymous said...

Didnt Junlianne tell Deckboss she didnt know what to do after quitting PVOA? -

The outgoing executive director, Julianne Curry, tells Deckboss: "I haven't decided what I'm doing next!"

Looks like she did. Maybe shell say that again right before packing for Seattle or Washington.

Anonymous said...

I hope she gets the job, as long as she represents each gear group that effects them most. Gear groups each get affected by there own interest, that's where I think she has done a good job at P.V.O.A. She hasn't taken sides in Petersburg.

Anonymous said...


Violated the hatch act by wearing. A button

I wasn't 100% certain until I read the Taufen trash

Now I'm in 100%

And you guys can criticize with your anonymous rants all day long but unless you got someone better in mind- which you don't as the jobs been open for months and everyone knows its been rumored to be open for darned near a year then either put up or shut up already

She's off the AP B4 she takes the job- if selected.

She's got a lot to learn- we all did and some of us still do, I learn a little or a lot each and every day, but she's the right one for the job right now

At least the Taufen- as much of a loser as a guy could be- I mean really-- hatch Act- buttons??

But at least the loser signs his name!!!

Here's to Taufen and the signing of the name!

And here's to one more solid vote for Julianne
Thanks for the support Stevie- I was beginning to question my support for Julianne and leaning towards stealing Dr Maw from UCIDA

You made my mind up. Of course I'm only one of 43 votes at Ufa but I'll bet the die is cast now

She must be getting pretty good to get attacked this much!!


Anonymous said...

Whether or not you support Ms. Curry and the role she plays in Alaska’s fisheries, her aptitude and capability to serve as Executive Director of UFA is at the discretion of the UFA Board, and ONLY the UFA Board. The Deckboss blog is not the appropriate place for such discussions; it should not serve as a public forum for a debate of Ms. Curry’s character or as an opportunity for individuals to air personal grievances against her.

staufen said...

Just like Bobby T to diminish the US Congress and the time it spends ensuring laws like the Hatch Act are in place. Maybe it's time he go back and read the Constitution and learn why our representative Republic was designed to protect us from factions. Just because it inconveniences you, BT, is no reason to insult Congress and the People.

Thanks for giving up another goat, we can make a square football out of its hide.

Groundswell Fisheries Movement

Anonymous said...

Jesus. What don't people understand about an ED? They are employees of the UFA board. Any opinions actions policies, all come from the BOARD, NOT THE ED. If an ED violates their boundaries, they get fired. Pretty simple. It doesn't really matter who the ED is. They should be able to talk, read, write a decent letter, inform and educate their board on issues unfamiliar to them. HAVING A NARROW COMMERCIAL FISHING VIEW IS A PLUS PLUS ON THE RESUME. You will find few people who have the experience and the dedication to tackle this job.
The anti-Petersburg mantra is getting stale. If we get more tickets, its because we fish more. In the northern gillnet fishery in s.e., there were numerous line violations. And I mean numerous. The jack-booted thugs had cameras on lines and stake outs. Lines are lines and must be adhered to. Out of all the tickets that were handed out, I know of 1 (one) Petersburg ticket. The rest were from Juneau and Haines and Wrangell and such. Same story for the season before, except nobody from Petersburg got a ticket. This idea of an insidious dark force out of Petersburg manipulating fishery policies for their own profit is the result of having a diverse fleet that recognizes the importance of an industry, and plugging into the process to protect its interests. The only thing dark and insidious are the stains in the underwear of those idiots who make such accusations.

Anonymous said...

Super Exclusive, an operation at the UFA, brought to you by Petersburg, who's favorite hotel is in Petersburg Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Jullianne = Fishing's Ann Coulter

Deck Boss = Fishing's Wikileaks

Anonymous said...

any ideas out there about other candidates?

if there werent any, i doubt we'd be seeing all this trash talk.

Anonymous said...

As a lifelong Alaskan fisherman involved in numerous fisheries I have watched with amusement at"the pout!" Have to agree there is this "i'm hot and I know it" attitude at IPHC and council meetings. No time for you if you have any concerns other than her agenda! Truth is in the real world you are just not that "hot" (even if you get the Alaska handicap)...you might be enthusiastic but not a consensus builder. Try a lesson from MS Bonney.....At least spend a little time trying to seem like you are interested in an opposing viewpoint..it works wonders!

Anonymous said...

Warning to all. When hiring someone there are laws about disclosure of personal information and hiring emails. This blog and those discussing a hiring matter may be up for a lawsuit and therefore I would suggest people stop posting and start thinking what they are saying.

UFA is a fractured organization and as such is not serving anyone's best interests except those in power at the time. Maybe it is time to talk about the organizational structure and functional problems before hiring anyone.

Anonymous said...

I believe UFA does a great job representing Alaska's fisheries. I also think it would be wise for UFA to choose an ED who isn't such a lightening rod from the get go. More time will be spent talking bad and pointing fingers should JC be selected as ED, rather than on important issues. It would be nice to know who else besides Julianne is being considered.

Anonymous said...

Man she is the worst possible candidate. There will be no fair and unbiased representation from her, unless you're a seiner from P. Burg with deep pockets. Bad choice for Herring!

Anonymous said...

For the person who posted a warning about what is being said on this issue: You do not know what the heck you are talking about. This is a blog and the vast majority of posts are anonymous as they should be to prevent chilling the right to post anything relevant. All you are reading are opinions about Ms Curry and nothing appears to come from her personal file at her work for PVOA. She is an adult and any job like hers will have its supporters and detractors. Nothing wrong with that and there is certainly nothing wrong with people posting their opinions. Wy are you trying to scare people from expressing themselves? Is this just a veiled effort of supporting JC?

Anonymous said...

UFA is a joke. Look at its membership. Hardly any independent fishermen are members. I was on their board for 2 years when Booby T was in total control. It made me sick to see how it operated; endorsing BOF incompetent hacks and right wing nut political criminals. The final blow for me was their stance on processor quote. Maybe that has changed now that Booby T has sold-out of salmon processing. I will never be a member again.

Anonymous said...

I would take JC anyday over Dr. Mauled.

Anonymous said...

It is just plain and simple sad that this is the future of UFA. Just another example of the stranglehold the Booby T, Zuanich, Petersburg mentality has on the one organization that at one time actually used to strive to represent AK fishermen and their needs rather than personal, regional agendas. JC is just another pawn to tow the PSG line. Amazing we've let this hapen

Anonymous said...

Where the heck is Trevor McCabe, it seems like effective representation always comes from Petersburg's best man.

Just like his Seward Sealife Center, or his Petersburg buyback plans...now at CDQ Central, and Ted & Ben's Favorites Club, with Zuanich, SEAS, and everyone knows the rest of the story, in the Federal Register today.

What happened to Bob Blake's program, where scabs were never allowed any position, at the UFA?

Anonymous said...

Good to hear the name of Bob Blake again, never forgotton

Anonymous said...

Seems as though Julianne would be just right as the ED of UFA by narrowly representing well financed fishing interests over the well being of Alaskan fishing families.
Of the hundreds of fishermen I work and fish around I only know of 2 fishermen that are UFA members. More of an organization for special interests.

Anonymous said...

"of the 100's of fishermen I work and fish around I only know of 2 who are Ufa members"

Where? Siberia?

How stupid is that?

join your local sportfishing group.
Join your local anti-business group.
Join something!

JC blonde is far from perfect
Heck we haven't been on speaking terms for nearly a year. But I for one am not waiting around,fiddling while Rome burns. She's the best we have got for this time and place.

I was originally disgusted to see this letter but then I thought, gee with this bunch of toothless anonymous weanies , maybe they'd be able to anonymously inform and enlighten me as to a new way or a new person.

Guess JC the blonde - as opposed to the real JC from Hydaburg-- is the only one out there for this job

Nameless faceless cowards

Go ahead and attack UFA
Go ahead and attack a hard-working commercial fishermman who decided she wants to work for all of your sorry asses instead of just herself like most of the rest of us do.

In a job where she'll make less than she used to as E.D./ fisherman

UFA is also far from perfect
But it's the best we have
If you don't think so join it and change it

But for you anonymous posters ( assume for a second that the last one @101am was Rueben Henke-- now wouldn't that make sense--but most of you anti JC, anti UFA morons wouldn't know who that was) do something to represent,promote and protect your privilege to fish commercially!!!!

Even groundswell -OMG did I say that -- is out there trying something

For 85 years there's been the PSPA

So why don't you all just quit and lets have no UFA

The PSPA and groundswell and KRSA will take care of your interests in special ways you never dreamed of

Just saying'


Anonymous said...

Wow! Bobby t; You accused Reuben Hanke of commenting on JC. Most who know them both would say that you are wrong. They are friends and have been for many years. And both have done good work for their respective organizations. I am not saying JC would be good as our ED, but that remains to be seen. But you, unlike her and Hanke have been marginalized and are now considered effectual by all policy makers in our group as well as those in NPFMC and the BOF. Hanke and JC, on the other hand, are part of solutions and not the problems. You?

Anonymous said...


The comment on Rueben was obviously a Bobbyt attempt at humor
He's a guy who might just only know 2 of the 1000's who are Ufa members
That was all

Bobbyt and Rueben are better friends than Rueben and julianne, or at least they were b4 e T went to work for KPFA

Staying anonymous as a friend of T's wouldn't want repercussions from an effectual bobbyt's enemies

If Rueben and JC are such great effectual leaders then better hire JC right now

As the T said, bring on the names
Guess you only came up with Rueben to add to the list
See where UFA sticks that one

Anonymous said...

The new UFA ED at the very least should be ethical and unbiased and represent all groups equally. Not that JC isn’t and can’t do it, but with her involvement with SE salmon and longline fisheries it will imposable to for her to appear to represent all groups equally.

Matt L said...

Here, Here to the memory of Bob Blake and the notion that a fisherman
would be proud to be a member and fall asleep in his or her bunk knowing UFA had their back.