Monday, September 10, 2012

Is your boat in order?

Here's an important notice from the U.S. Coast Guard:

Dockside safety exams for most commercial fishing vessels
become mandatory in October

JUNEAU — The Coast Guard is requiring all commercial fishing vessels that operate or fish more than three miles from the territorial sea baseline to complete a mandatory Coast Guard dockside safety exam as of Oct. 16, 2012.

This regulatory change comes as a result of Congress passing the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010. This change affects commercial fishing fleets nationwide, and the Coast Guard is conducting outreach efforts to ensure those affected are aware of the changes with the goal of having them in compliance before the deadline.

"The Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010 introduces a number of new rules the Coast Guard will be enforcing," said Ken Lawrenson, the Coast Guard District 17 commercial fishing vessel safety coordinator. "The use of 'three miles from the territorial sea baseline' is a bit of a change from the existing regulation, which uses a complicated definition of the 'boundary line.' It will be a lot easier to understand because most nautical charts show a thin grey line that indicates where that three miles from the territorial sea baseline is located so it becomes very simple to see if you are operating seaward or shoreward of that line. If you are operating, either fishing or transiting your boat, beyond that three-mile line, then the 16th of October deadline applies to you, and your fishing vessel needs to have completed a dockside safety exam."

Dockside examinations are free of charge, and currently no penalties will be issued for discrepancies. If discrepancies are found, vessel owners will be issued a worklist and a reasonable time to correct any issues. The goal is to bring commercial fishermen into compliance while minimizing disruptions to fishing.

"There is no good reason to put off or delay the start of an exam," Lawrenson said. "Exams are free and most vessels already have the safety equipment and documentation to pass a dockside safety exam."

A letter from the Coast Guard to the commercial fishing industry explaining the dockside safety exam requirements is available here.

In Alaska, fishermen are asked to contact their nearest Coast Guard Sector or Marine Safety Detachment to schedule an exam:

Ketchikan, (907) 225-4496
Sitka, (907) 966-5454
Juneau, (907) 463-2448
Valdez, (907) 835-7223
Homer, (907) 235-3292
Kodiak, (907) 486-5918
Dutch Harbor, (907) 581-3466
Anchorage, (907) 271-6700

Direct questions or concerns to Lawrenson at (907) 463-2810 or
(907) 321-4110 (cell) or


Anonymous said...

The USCG doesn't have near the personnel to provide dockside exams to all the commercial vessels that will need them. Guys will have to fish anyway, simply because there is no way to get the necessary exam completed, particularly in smaller ports without a permanent USCG presence. Also, I wonder how long they will be given "free"? I see substantial fees coming down the line.

Anonymous said...

Are commercial charter boats included in the new safety regs?If not Why?

Anonymous said...

2 reasons they don't:

1) They are passenger vessels and under a different set of regs.

2) Charter boats already have more safety inspections and requirements than a fishing vessel, even with this new policy

Anonymous said...

The Charter boats I have fished on did not have survival suits,E.P.I.R.B.S or life Rafts.Also yearly safety inspections are not required.Am I wrong?