Thursday, September 13, 2012

Feds won't intervene in Southeast salmon fishery

The federal government is declining — for now, at least — to take control of the state-managed commercial purse seine salmon fishery near the Southeast Alaska village of Angoon.

Here's a press release explaining the decision.

Kootznoowoo Inc., the Native corporation for Angoon, had petitioned the feds to exercise "extraterritorial jurisdiction," arguing state commercial fisheries had interfered with local subsistence fishing for sockeye.


Anonymous said...

Go Kootznoowoo! Another place in the state that needs the federal government to intervene is in the Norton Sound where subsistence fishing has been restricted for 30 years especially in the Nome area rivers. Lead the way Angoon.

Anonymous said...

The majority of members on the Southeast Regional Advisory Council has or had a CFEC permit.

Majority rules.

Just like every regional advisory council in the federal subsistence circle, commercial fishing interests are well represented to make sure subsistence does not interfer with the traditional gathering of commercial fish in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

I told you all of this back in March (see March Blog on this topic)...Unfortunately the Feds will never exercise extraterritorial jurisdiction to protect the subsistence priority...Sitka's been asking for years in regard to subsistence herring.