Monday, June 18, 2012

UFA announces continuity and change

Arni Thomson has been re-elected as president and Mark Vinsel soon will transition out of the position of executive director.

That's the news today from United Fishermen of Alaska, the state's top commercial fishing organization.

Lots more UFA personnel news here.


Anonymous said...

They definitely have the bucks to influence fishing regulations.

Anonymous said...

i am not a Commercial guy, but think that Arni is a decent person that tries to see all points of view and recognizes the need for all users to be able to succeed.. One of the reasons that UFA does so well is its ability to allow for other points of view and not be so hostile to other user groups. SEAFA and UCIDA just to name a couple should take a lesson from Arni and those organizations should consider new leadership. Their executive directors are hostile to the regulatory bodies that make the rules and to any user that has a different point of view. Right on Arni