Friday, June 29, 2012

No fireworks yet at Bristol Bay

 Will the sockeye show? USCG photo

In coming days we can expect to see the usual explosion of sockeye at Bristol Bay.

Alaska's most valuable salmon fishery typically reaches its harvest peak sometime around the Fourth of July.

The state has forecast a catch of 21.8 million sockeye this season, which is big but far from a record.

The fishing remains slow so far. The tally as of Thursday stood at just under 2 million fish.

Fishermen are suspended in a time of anticipation and anxiety. Will the run boom or bust? And how much will the processors pay?

Deckboss senses considerable worry over price. Global salmon supply reportedly has expanded, with production of farmed fish in Chile on the upswing.

As ever, Bristol Bay gillnetters are fishing on faith, not knowing what they'll be paid.

I'm sure they're hoping to be too busy, or too tired, to watch the fireworks.


Anonymous said...

The Fourth of July is only four days away and maybe the red salmon in the millions are not there to come back.

It's crazy in this day and age to go "fishing on faith, not knowing what they'll be paid." Buyers have too much control.

Anonymous said...

The fireworks will begin when Silver Bay breaks ground in 4 weeks.

Anonymous said...

When the salmon don't show up on schedule out here in rural Alaska, everybody becomes the worlds experts and the BS flows like sewer.

Perhaps now that the bigger salmon like the Kings and Chums are wiped out of the way of the trawlers, the smaller salmon such as the reds are getting in the way of the nets out there in the sea.

These so called experts don't think through all the angles because they are not problem solvers.